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'Big Phat Props'
SPAIN - DEC 2003
'Where am I'
Friday 19th December 2003 Chris's House, Madrid

Landed in Madrid at about 7am pretty much on time so we got straight in a Taxi and headed over to Chris and Conchi's house about 20 minutes down the road. Chris was at work when we arrived so we got to meet Conchi for the first time. She was in bed when we arrived but soon got up and made us feel very at home. Chris has boxes of PG Tips sent over from the UK so we indulged ourselves in a cup of tea and had a good old chat to Conchi. We then had a few hours kip while Conchi went out for the afternoon. At 3 I went for a walk around the neighbourhood, I introduced myself to the chinese corner shop owner and we both had a conversation in broken spanish, Its amazing how much you forget after just a month out of Spanish speaking countries.

Chris got home at about 4 with a big parcel of christmas goodies he got from work. It was great to see him again and we caught up on all sorts of things, like the latest Hinari appliances!!! Chris then took me on a whirlwind tour around Madrid while Sarena stayed in.

Can't quite remember where I went in Madrid... Past some cathedrals, old streets, trendy fashion boutiques e.t.c. I remember ending up in a Tapas bar though so we had a few beers and some meatballs before heading back to the flat to find Sarena and Conchi had broken into the Cava that I had purchased off my new chinese friend.

The 4 of us went out for our last Meal of our trip, We went to a cool little Tapas place with all the locals. Sarena even had prawns. and we ended up having great fun with the staff who loved Sarena's travel stories. In the end we ended up drinking all sorts of liquor. Poor old Conchi was feeling pretty tired but she put up with us drunken yobs and we even made it to a few other bars before crashing back at the flat at about 4.

Landed in Spain at early o'clock feeling extremely tired, once again Toby had fallen asleep on the plane within minutes whilst i stayed awake. Caught a taxi straight to Conchi and Chris's house, he is an old Uni mate and had lived in Spain for a few year now. Conchi let us in to their lovely apartment and made us a lovely cup of English tea!! ah bless the ground she walks on. Conchi turned out to be absolutely beautiful all round and kept us full of tea whilst wanting to hear all about our travels - she new more than we did! after following the web site After a couple of hours i just couldn't keep my eyes open any more and had a couple of hours sleep in the spare room.

Chris got home later in the afternoon with a big Xmas hamper and hugs then swiftly took Toby out around the town whilst i chilled out on the couch to read my book, Conchi was out having a late lunch with friends.

When she got back the boys still hadn't returned so i guessed they must have ended up in a bar somewhere, so i produce 2 bottles of Cava which Toby had got earlier and we sat a drank the lot! The boys got home that evening and we all went out for a late dinner and lots of drinkies including shots of some very strange liquor, went to a club place then fell home at 4am then to bed at 5am which was pointless really because the alarm was set for 6am! Oh dear very messy

Saturday 20th December 2003 Chris's House, Madrid

Before getting some sleep we said our goodbyes and thanks to Conchi and Chris then I did a quick run to the cash point for some money for the Taxi driver who is due to pick us up at 7. By this time it was about 6 so we laid our heads down, which was a very bad idea. The next thing I knew Conchi was in our room waking us as the Taxi driver was ringing the door bell.Poor old Conchi. I was completely naked and spread out on top of the bed when she woke us. I hope she won't need therapy after that. Anyway we stuffed anything that we could see into our back backs, said another goodbye and jumped in the taxi feeling very hung over and confused.

We arrived at the airport still very confused and in desperate need of some fluids and a sit down to orientate ourselves. Managed to bumble our way through check-in and find ourselves a cafe for some water and coffee. Well this is it, our last flight. 2 years and 4 months traveling and it all ends in a haze of drunken muzziness at Madrid airport. Cool. 40 minutes later we where on our flight back to Heathrow, England...

Conchi had to come into our room to wake us, as we hadn't heard the alarm and the taxi driver was ringing the doorbell. Unfortunately Toby was spread eagled naked on the bed when she had walked in much to his distress, and couldn't stop talking about it all the way to the airport. How we ever packed our bags and got downstairs is beyond me, but we did do in record time and ended up sitting at the airport still very very drunk and feeling very tired after 2 nights without sleep.

The rest is a bit of a blur but i'm sure we had some coffee and B'fast at the airport before finding our way onto the plane and promptly resting our heads onto the seat in front looking like death warmed up. How did we let our selves get into such a state? but then that was the last night of our travels so had to get drunk didn't we..

We both sat on the plane feeling a little shell shocked at the thought that this was the last flight we will take for a long time and would be back in Blighty in a couple of hours.. I just felt quite hollow and really didn't want to end our fantastic adventure but on the other had i wanted to see family and friends. I new as soon as i got back it would feel like i had never been away and i wouldn't be happy but we had to got back some time..

Landed in the UK and it was raining......................

< USA DEC/NOV 2003

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