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'Singapore Shwing'
'Pick n Mix'
Thursday 13th December 2001 Singapore

Got to a hotel by 9:30 pm. lucky to find a reasonably priced hotel on Orchard Road which we where told was the main street for shopping and bars, although it seems every street is full of shops and bars! Just time for something to eat. So we headed for a safe bet... Planet Hollywood.

Airport information booked us into a local hotel that was a reasonable price which was expensive to what we were used to paying! We caught a bus which took us through the main streets of Singapore so we had a good look at all the sights before we were dropped off at our hotel. We later went out for dinner and found a Planet Hollywood so of course we went in and scoffed our faces ......again.

Friday 14th December 2001 Singapore

We only have one whole day in Singapore as we have a flight to Sydney tomorrow. So have to make the most of it. Intended to get up early but 2 days with no sleep prevented us from moving until 10 am.

Janine in Goa had given us a list of places to visit. So our first stop was Bugis Junction and the cinema so we could watch Harry Potter (nothing like seeing the sites of a new city). Unfortunately they didn't have pick 'n' mix so Sarena protested and we trudged all the way back to a cinema next to our hotel.

After Harry Potter we walked down to the Quays, I had managed to plan a route passed a huge IT shopping centre with loads of gadgets and stuff to play with. On the way we had a huge rain storm, our first real rain since we have been travelling (3 months) It was very refreshing so we just carried on walking through it. We finally got to Boat key by Tea Time and ended up sitting in the Penny Royal pub supping on a pint (well 0.5 litres anyway) of Speckled Hen. The damp outside made made it feel just like England, apart from all the Singaporean girls tottering about wearing next to nothing! From that point on it was alcohol and food, although not in great quantities due to the extortionate prices. We ended up at a bar next to our hotel sipping 'Singapore Slings' and reflecting on how clean, organised and impressive Singapore is.

Woke up later than intended due to being exhausted from lack of sleep...

When we did get our arses in gear the first thing we intended to go and do was watch Harry Potter at the cinema, something we had both been looking forward to for ages! We walked around for ages trying to find a certain one but when we got there they didn't have any pick 'n' mix so I refused to stay on that basis. We were then told of another large cinema back near our Hotel... typical, so we trudged all the way back and found a massive shopping complex and screens that thankfully sold my sweeties and popcorn.

I must admit I didn't think that much of the film - don't know why? Toby thought it was fab though and I was just happy with the junk food. We then walked around the streets being constantly amazed at how wonderful and clean Singapore is, it reminded my of going around a show house - looked wonderful but not lived in as it was so perfect and not a thing was out of place. All the buildings were new and fantastic to look at and the streets were all full of gardens, fountains, art etc

The best part of the day was when in poured down with rain - the weather was extremely humid so the rain was warm but torrential. Fantastic to stand in the when it's hot but it seems we were the only ones to think so as all the locals were hiding in shops!! We then meandered down to Boat Key to have a wonder and found ourselves in an 'English' pub, it even smelt like the real thing and was full of British city workers having a pint after work. Toby couldn't keep his eyes off all the young Singapore girls that were working in the pub as they didn't seem to wear very much - disgraceful.....

Of course it then meant it was time for dinner so we found a lovely Mexican right next to the river where we proceeded to consume half our body weight in delicious food - we are not so skinny anymore!!

Saturday 15th December 2001 Singapore

Finally the day we get to Oz. Our flight was at 9 am so we left our hotel a 6 am and took an immaculate taxi along the immaculate roads to the immaculate airport and where we had checked in and were waiting in the departure lounge by 6:30am. To waste some time I decided to get Mario Kart for the Game boy. But everyone of the immaculate shops had sold out. - bummer.

We flew with Qantas and arrived in Sydney 7 hours later at 7:30 Oz time.

Booo - got up early and caught a taxi to the airport for our flight to Oz, we were both so excited about finally getting there. The airport was like a five star hotel and was absolutely huge so we spent a couple of hours wondering around the shops and looking for Mario Kart which we had wanted since leaving England. We couldn't find it anywhere, all the shops had sold out so we both consoled ourselves by spending the rest left over money on the biggest bar of Cadbury's chocolate..... I think I ate it all though by accident...

The flight took about 7 1/2 hrs which seemed like an eternity for some reason, and the flight staff were really strange. They were really nonchulent and blaze about everything, I don't know if that was just an Australian thing or not? s'pose we will find out soon!!



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