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New Zealand - OCT 2002
Tuesday 1st October 2002 Katikati


...Walking down the street the other day and saw my mate pulling a lead with a Cabbage on the end.
I asked him "why are you pulling along a lead with a Cabbage on the end?"
He Replied, "Oh no, the Bloke who sold it to me said it was a Collie!!"

Went down for a blood test at 8am at the doctors surgery then walked into Katikati and asked Meri about the the house for rent along Park road near us. It was the house I was interested in when we came to Katikati but they had people living in it at the time so we moved into Freda's house. I wasn't thinking of moving but was just interested in looking around it, so Meri gave me the number and I went back home to give the landlord a call. We arranged to meet at the house for 1pm and I had a good look around. The house is really very lovely and in very good condition. It has a pretty garden bla bla but when I went in it just didn't have the feel of the place like Freda's and the rooms were very small, as well as that, the landlord seemed very anal about having people living in it and not walking on the carpets with shoes etc, basically you couldn't relax in the house for fear of the landlord coming around, which he said he did every 5 weeks to check you hadn't put a dent in the wall paper or something...

I then had to go to work

I have noticed that since getting the computer at home Toby has been doing something on it every night which what I knew would happen, works all day on one then comes home and fiddles around on one again - saddo, now it is just like being back at home again!!

Wednesday 2nd October 2002 Katikati


...A dog walks past an office and sees a sign "office help needed...must type, be computer literate and bilingual".
He takes down the sign, hands it to the receptionist and has a seat.
The receptionist calls the office manager and says "there's a dog here for the job".
"A dog?? This oughta be good...send him in".

The dog walks into the managers office and he says "you have to know how to type"
The dog jumps up to the typewriter and types up a perfect letter.
The manager is impressed and says "but are you computer literate?"
The dog jumps up in front of the computer and throws together a web page in record time.
The manager is in awe and says "well, you also have to be bilingual"...
and the dog says "meow"

Evening shift.

Noticed the siren going off quite a lot again lately, it sounds like the old war siren and is very eerie to wake up and listen to in the middle of the night. It is to gather all the volunteer emergency service people from all the surrounding areas if a bad accident has accrued which is usually due to stupid drivers which are in abundance in this lovely country

Thursday 3rd October 2002 Katikati

Work during the day and then spent the evening doing my UK Tax Return over the Internet. fun fun fun...

...Mary had a little sheep
With this sheep
She went to sleep
The sheep turned out to be a ram
And Mary had a little lamb.

On early today which meant working with Lee again, oh god he does annoy me!! I asked him to help me carry in some milk as my back was not up to it and he told me his strength was in his forearms due to his marshal art training.... then proceeded to show me his forearms, I just told him he must do too much wanking and walked off......

He then started saying he was trying to get the Friday off for some reason so by the end of the day I asked him if he had asked for it off and he hadn't. - bummer

Friday 4th October 2002 Katikati

Work, and games...

...Q: what has 2 legs and bleeds a lot?

A: ...half a dog.

On early with Lee but not for long as he started saying he wasn't feeling well early in the morning then phoned up Rita asking for her to come in and cover. It was such a blatant lie as he just wanted the Friday off like he has said on Thursday. Anyway I didn't mind as it meant working with the lovely Rita.

Saturday 5th October 2002 Katikati

We had hoped to go away fro the weekend as the forecast was good and there are some great walks in the Coromandel. Unfortunately Sarena's back is still very bad so we decided to attempt a walk closer to home.

It ended up being pretty bloody hard. We choose a route to the top of the Kaimai's that was not recommended in the walking guides. No wonder. It was 3 hours up hill through thick 'rainforest-like' forest with no view. We ended up at the top and at the standard tramping huts for overnight stays. We had some lunch and managed to get a bit of a view west and over the Waikato before heading back down the same route. Sarena coped really well considering her back pain.

We decided to go for a rather large walk and ended up walking up hill most of the way At some points we had to climb up with hands and feet as it was so steep through dense jungle/forest for a couple of hours then got to the top walked around in some mud for a while then walked back down again......... I think it was a round trip of 51/2 hrs and very tiring. It wasn't the greatest walk, because we didn't have any views as such so we will have to find a better one next time.

Sunday 6th October 2002 Katikati

Sunday, a day of rest. Sarena is really struggling with her back so she really needs to relax. Something she finds hard to do. Me on the other hand finds it dead easy.

Have no recolection of what happened on this day but i'm sure it must have been non eventful other wise i would have remembered, wouldn't I ?

Oh dear the lethargy bug must have got me......

Monday 7th October 2002 Katikati

Back to work.

Late shift. Went for a swim and just took it easy for the day to try and rest my back a bit.

Tuesday 8th October 2002 Katikati

Met up with the MD of our Pilot Site to demo this program I am working on and get some feed back from him before I present it to the board of Directors tomorrow.

Evening shift today so just did the swimming thing in the day and played on the computer for a while trying to get to grips with this new SIMS game Toby came home with. I have wanted to have a look at this game for ages as I didn't understand the concept so wanted to have a go. Needless to say Toby has been playing on the darn thing every night and get sucked in so quickly - I get bored.

Wednesday 9th October 2002 Katikati

Big meeting with the directors who have been funding the project I am working on for the last 3 years. They are all pretty desperate to see some returns for their investment... and it shows. Unfortunately I believe there is still a long way to go. I made a presentation and told them truthfully what I thought which they seemed to appreciate, and some are even still optimistic. Needless to say the discussions got quite involved and interesting. I know have a report to prepare over the next two weeks which should be the deciding point on the future of the project.

They are also remodelling our office today and I now have a huge gapping whole in the wall behind me and into the neighbouring office which is pretty cool as I can now see a window.

Ended up catching the rip-off bus home.

On a late which was OK with me cause the weather is just wonderful at the mo and really starting to get hot. I had Yoga first thing in the morning which was a waste of time because of my blinkin back........ I then went swimming in the afternoon which I also found a bit hard.

Thursday 10th October 2002 Katikati

Got a lift to work with Kathy, but hopefully Andy and his girlfriend Rachel will be able to come out and play tonight...

Oh dear Rachel has already arranged to meet up with a friend. Never mind Andy will still come out with us. Sarena arrived at my work by five and then we headed over to Andy's for a quick beer and to meet the lovely Rach. We then went out for some food (Venison burger hmmmmmm) and checked out the cinema's in the end we plumped for 'The Bourne Identity' which actually thought was pretty good, just for the fact that the cars didn't burst into flame at the slightest impact in the car chase. Not the usual Hollywood formula

Day off today so got up early and went down the pool for a few laps, it was lovely going early as it was still cold so the heated pool had steam floating of the top which looked all eerie. Afterwards I went down the library and took my book and puzzle back then had a look around the charity shop for a bit before heading home and having some lunch then going out to the garden centre to get some bits. I then went and met Toby in Tauranga at 5pm and we went over to see Andy whom he works with and had a beer and a chat with him and his lovely girlfriend. Rachel. She stayed in with a friend whilst us 3 went out for a wonderful burger then went to the cinema to watch Bourne Identity which was absolutely fantastic and one of the best films I have seem in ages. We got home really late for us, 11.50pm!! and went straight to bed.

Friday 11th October 2002 Katikati

Managed to get the pilot site for this project I am working on up and running today. Everyone seems quite happy with it but there is loads of work to do 'under the bonnet' before it becomes a decent product.

Got up early and went for a swim then caught up on some of my diary which was way behind again then just pottered around until my man came home.

Saturday 12th October 2002 Katikati

Did the usual (getting logs, doing the laundry e.t.c) during the day as Sarena was working.

Sarena's boss was holding a BBQ in the evening so we knocked up some food and went socialising. Everyone there was really nice. Some were a bit weird, but still nice. I just wish we were going out with more people our age though... Anyway can't complain as the food was great, loads of it. We managed to get away by 9:30

On an early today and it was a bloody nightmare!! loads of new people had joined us since doing my last morning which meant doing loads more b'fasts and lots of other stuff had changed so I was all behind and messed up everything, I was very pleased when it was time to go home.

I went for a swim then got ready for a BBQ my boss was holding at her home which she does a lot for everyone at work which I think is really nice. Lyn had put on a wonderful spread and quite a few people turned up, not as many as hoped but the weather was horrible and wet. We seemed to attract a strange lady who talked incessantly about nothing at all and we kept finding excuses to get away from her.

Sunday 13th October 2002 Katikati

I have a social event to go to today. The Zespri Industry challenge! Zespri is the regulator body for Kiwi fruit export and every year they organise a fete kind of thing for everyone involved in the industry. Basically its an activity and Radfords are doing a team tag half marathon(walking) so basically we have to walk 5 km each.

Luckily the weather was pretty good today. I was walking the second leg after Kathy's lap so warmed up by putting my hands in my pockets and then it was time for the off. Maybe I over estimate the fitness required to walk 5 km's at speed... It wasn't long before my shins where really starting to ache so I found it much easier to Jog. A bit of a cheat but it looks like everyone does it.

There was lots of games for kids and then a team challange at the end of the day which is a bit like 'It's a knock out' Radford didn't have a team entered for this so I left and got back home in time to meet Sarena from work.

Up early again for another day at work but this time it was better as I knew what to expect but it was still hard. I came back and went for a swim then crashed out for the rest of the evening.

Monday 14th October 2002 Katikati

Got a lift into Katikati this morning from a very friendly neighbour, 'Othunga' I think her name was, or something like that. She said that she has seen me walking into town and getting a lift in the mornings. Seems like you can't get away with anything in this town.

On a late today thank goodness so got up early and went for a lovely swim again then had a walk around Katikati looking for a pressie for Rita as it is her B'day on Wednesday but couldn't find a damn thing so decided to go into Tauranga in the morning and get something from the Crystal shop.

Tuesday 15th October 2002 Katikati

Sarena gave me lift to work, and I hoped she would do the shopping whilst she was in town, but her back was still a bit dodge and because I love her so much I didn't want to see her lugging boxes of food into the house. I really don't understand just how painful and depressing it is to have pain 24-7 and have to carry on with everyday things as if nothing is wrong. But then I am a man so therefore have no concept of anything....

Took Toby into work first thing then drove to the Mount and found a lovely Crystal to hang in her new Kitchen window and a lovely card, then went back into Tauranga and got some bits and bobs. I went into a Chemist to get some Anti Wrinkle night cream seeing as I'm now old I thought I should start to take precautions.... anyway the woman who was trying to sell me this expensive cream was telling me about how I could enter the draw and win $500 worth of beauty products. I told her I wasn't interested and didn't want $500 of hairspray and makeup etc and she couldn't believe it!! she really thought there was something wrong with me, what the bloody hell would I want all that stuff for?

I then went home emailed a whole bunch of Recruitment Agencies my C.V and then went down the pool for a few laps before going to work

Wednesday 16th October 2002 Katikati

Started filling in this bit of my diary (a week later) to find that someone has been hijacking my side of the web site and grafitiing my intellectual property and overwriting my poignant thoughts for the day (see above)

My Yoga day today so went and bent myself around for an hour and a half before heading over to Rita's house and dropping her pressie off, she wasn't home. I then went and had a quick rummage in the Op Shop and went home to do some more diary, had a bath then to work

Thursday 17th October 2002 Katikati

Poignant thought for the day: - I must get up and go to work.

Got up early and went down to the pool for an hour then read my book for the rest of the day before heading into work

Friday 18th October 2002 Katikati

Sarena is getting a bit annoyed with me as I have been spending a lot of time rebuilding my music collection over the Internet. I'm sorry but I have really missed listening to music and now I get to hear some new stuff. White Stripes are brilliant and the new Chilli Peppers album is a bit disappointing although it may take a few more listens.

Working early today with Alois as he was back from his holiday and the morning went well. I then went down the pool in the afternoon for some laps. Then popped into the local School to ask about a job and they just so happen to be looking for a Receptionist.... so I will apply!

Saturday 19th October 2002 Katikati

We have been invited back up to Sarena's work friends, Rita's for lunch as she has just had her new kitchen fitted. So she baked us some quiche and cake. We then went to watch some dirt track racing which was being held on their farmland. There where about 15 souped up Mk II Ford Escorts and Fiats' and Toyota's and various other bangers that have been resurrected from junk yards. It was pretty cool to watch, but it was only a practice as the season starts for real next weekend.

We went over to Rita's house for some lunch which was very tasty and then went up to the dirt track to watch the practice laps by some really cool cars, most of them all with really huge tires and jacked up suspension etc, we sat on the hill with Rita's son and watched them for an hour, I would have loved to get down there and had a go myself!!

Sunday 20th October 2002 Katikati

Decided to go and investigate a off road track in the area and and get some 4 wheel driving in. Thompsons Track is an old logging route which cuts right across the top of the Kaimai's which is the mountain range behind Katikati. The track was just a massive mud pool. It looks like a popular spot for motorbikes but I wasn't quite ready to risk taking Bertie through it. I did find a side track up a step muddy slope though and gave that ago. Bertie did very well scrambling up to the top of the hill although he did get a bit attacked by brambles and stuff down one side (oh dear hope Sarena doesn't notice). It was good fun though, for all of 10 minutes.

I got home to find that we had a phone call, Wow. A Dutch girl is a friend of a friend gave us a ring as she was a bit bored. Sarena went to pick her up and introduced me to 'Hilly'. Hilly has only been in NZ for 2 weeks and is staying with long lost relatives in Katikati. After a couple hours of chatting we decided to take Hilly to Mount Manganui to see the beach and watch a film. We even managed to get to a bar for a quick drink as well, what socialites we are becoming! We watched Red Dragon which was pretty good, better than the last one, 'Hannibal' anyway. Then dropped Hilly home we organised to go out again next weekend as it is a bank holiday, although Sarena is working through it which is a bit of a pain.

Toby went off to do some off roading whilst I pottered around for the morning then I got a phone call from Hilly who is a Dutch girl travelling around NZ for a year but currently staying with a lovely lady called Helen who I work with. She wondered if we were going out at all which we weren't so I offered to pick her up and bring her back here for the afternoon.

I drove over to pick her up at Helens house which is absolutely beautiful. Helen gave me a lovely bunch of flowers from her garden, bless her! I picked up Hilly and when and got a couple of bottles of vino then went home and spent the afternoon talking and then went to the Mount at Tauranga to go and have a look at the beach as she hadn't been down to see that area before. We then went for a drink in a bar then went to the cinema to watch 'Red Dragon' which I thought was a bit poo. We then dropped Hilly back home and made arrangements to go out again.



Monday 21st October 2002 Katikati

Back to work again. Just spent the day working on a new specification for the project I am working on. That's what I do at work!

Spent the day in court with Lesley (my friend from work) as her husband was finally being convicted of all the terrible things he had done. Her daughter also went with us and she was a real sweety. We all trogged down to Tauranga for about 10.30am and we thought we would be out by lunch time but his case wasn't presented until 2.30pm so after a lovely lunch with the girls we all sat down and watched as he came into the dock. Poor Lesley was holding my hand like a vice and we just stared at him for the whole proceedings, he got put away for 22months in the end, which was less than we hoped but at least she can get some kind of life for herself without looking over her shoulder. After the hearing we went to the cheescake shop and Lesley bought the biggest cake in the world to take back to work, to thank everyone for all the support. I then dropped them both in Bethlehem and rushed back to work as I was late. On the way though I dropped my application form into the school and then rushed home to get changed into my uniform then ran into work with a few mins to spare.

Just remembered though that in Court in front of everyone the court official bloke was asked to call up one of the accused, unfortunately his name was 'Wayne Kur' now I was the only one to find this funny and had to repeat this a few times to my fellow people. Bless the NZ people they are very innocent........

Tuesday 22nd October 2002 Katikati

Guess what... yep work. Found out that I have just got a massive tax rebate from the UK. fantastic, very impressive. I have only just completed my tax return and get the rebate in a week. And after all the slagging I have been giving them.

Went swimming for an hour then cleaned the house up as it was in a right old state then went to work.

Wednesday 23rd October 2002 Katikati

work again. Managed to finish the document I have been working on...

...Q: What do you call a dog with no hind legs and steel balls?

A: Sparky

Yoga today and it was still quite hard because of my back but I still gave it my best shot then after lunch I went to pick up Hilly and went to have a game of golf which was hilarious because we were both so crap. We did laugh a lot though and were both in tears at the end of the game I then had to go to work.

Toby popped in to fix Works computer then went over to see our Yoga lady as her computer wasn't working properly either

Thursday 24th October 2002 Katikati

Got a lift to work with Sarena who picked up our new friend Hilly on the way they spent the morning in town which was cool as it meant Sarena had to do the shopping for a change. Got an 'extremely good' note on my desk for the document I had been writing. Just like being at school ;)

Had to catch the bus home, but ended up getting a lift from Katikati to our house by one of the Indians that I worked with during my brief spell working on the kiwi vines. He wants me to pop round one weekend and teach him computer programming over a cup of tea. Yeah right!

I had the day off today so I went and picked Hilly up and then we went into Tauranga to drop Toby off at work then I went and had a quick interview at a Job Agency which was a bit crap. It seems they don't have a lot of need for temps around this area because the companies are so small they just can't justify paying for temps. Oh well I shall just have to keep looking.....

Hilly and I then went for a wonder around the shops and went to go on the reverse bungy, which turned out to be closed unfortunately. We both really wanted to go on the thing and it said on the board that it was open everyday - liars!! Just to explain it is a pod big enough for 2 people which is attached to a big piece of elastic and then the pod is held down to the ground whilst you get in then it is released and it shoots way up into the air then down again - very scary.

We drove home and packed up a few sarnies and a bottle of pop then headed down to the beach and sat in the sun for a few hours.

Friday 25th October 2002 Katikati

Spent most of the day in a meeting about the project I am working on. Which was quite enjoyable. Better than sitting in front of my PC anyway. Its labour weekend too so we get Monday off. whooppeee

Rainy today, the weather is so changeable, it was soo hot yesterday!! I just read my book for most of the day.

Saturday 26th October 2002 Katikati

Sarena's at work today. So I set about getting our diaries up to date. Its amazing we spend 10 months on the road and have no trouble finding time to keep it up to date but as soon as we spend most of our time at home we get lazy and fail to keep it up to date. I guess its because we don't have much of any interest to write about. So I apologies for the extremely uninteresting diaries over the past two months. It will get better again. Summer is nearly here!

Got up early and went to work which turned out to be OK then spent the afternoon relaxing. Got a phone call from Helen at work whilst I had popped out to the shops, it seems the afternoon shift lady phoned in sick and they didn't have anyone to cover but thankfully Rita said she would stay on and do the tea if the nurses did the washing up.

Sunday 27th October 2002 Katikati

Sarena was working until 2, but we have planned to go to Rotorua for the night as it is a bank holiday... wayhay. We managed to get away by 3 and picked Hilly up as she is coming with us to Rotorua. Sarena was a bit annoying on the drive down as I had said that it would take an hour and a half to drive to Rotorua but everyone else had told her it would only take an hour. Sarena likes to pick up on anything that may prove me wrong as she can't stand the fact that I am always right. An HOUR AND A HALF later we arrived in Rotorua.

We checked into a backpackers, The Funky Green Voyager. Which was very cosy. This was Hilly's first experience of a backpackers. Then we decided to hit the town. It was pretty dead. So we went to the 'in' backpackers bar ,'The Lava Bar' which was also dead when we arrived but they where having a Foam party later so we hung around. It took a while to get busy and ended up being mainly a party for the security guards and the owners of the bar who seemed in their element dressing up in ladies clothes and sliding around on the floor. It did get really busy, but the music was total shite. Actually it was probably cool and I am just really old. Anyway we only lasted to about midnight before we headed back to our backpackers.

We had arranged to go to Rotorua for a couple of days with Hilly so straight after work I had a shower then packed up some bits and went and picked Hilly up and set off.

It took about an hour and a half to get there and we found the backpackers which I had prebooked straight away, so we dumped our stuff in the dorm and sat down for a beer. The BP was very nice and it seemed really strange being in one again for some reason but after we had a drink we went down to a really dodgy restaurant which served up really crap food. We all had a roast dinner which was terrible then wandered down to a bar which was adjoined to another BP in town. We got there at about 7.15 which was very early and it was empty, it was supposed to be having a foam party starting at 8.00 but because it was empty nothing happened until about 10.00 when all these people just came in from somewhere and the music and foam began. God it was awful!!!!! The foam was everywhere and the music was crap, but everyone else seemed to like it. The DJ was encouraging all the girls to take off there tops etc which they all did - of course!! Toby, Hilly and I just sat there and continued to drink and couldn't quite believe how crap it all was, I really felt very old and just I just don't enjoy things like that - well only if I am very very drunk!! All the guys were just leachy and stupid and the girls were all silly and twatty. We went back to the BP at about 11.30 and I fell straight asleep thanks to my ear plugs but had a complete fit when a girl came in and turned on the light which freaked me out for some reason. I shot bolt up in bed and shouted out 'what is going on' and woke everyone up then I just fell asleep again.....

Monday 28th October 2002 Katikati

I woke up really early but managed to stay in my bunk to at least 8 without disturbing the guy on the bunk below me too much. Sarena and Hilly got up just after me so we packed up and headed out for a bit of a fry up before exploring Rotorua. It was bloody massive. The biggest fried breakfast I have ever seen. Sarena and I are pigs so we managed to do some damage to it, but poor old Hilly hardly made a dent in her pile of pigs and eggs.

We decided to go and see some geysers before doing anything too extreme just so that our food could go down. We went to the Thermal Village and got a tour of the Maori houses and learnt loads about their culture. It was very interesting. The Geysers and mud pools where pretty cool to.

It was midday by the time we had finished walking around the Maori thermal village and our breakfast was just starting to digest so we thought we would risk it and headed over to the Agrodome. The Agrodome is a kind of extreme activity park, something the Kiwis are great at! We had only intended to give the Zorbing a go, so this was our first stop...Zorbing is basically climbing into a huge plastic ball and rolling down a hill. You have two options. Get strapped in and go with the flow or do it freestyle with an added bucket of water to aid in lubrication. We all chose the freestyle option and Hilly and Sarena did it together. The idea is to try and stay standing up in the ball all the way down the hill. None of us lasted more than two steps though before it was up to gravity to decide our fate. It was great fun albeit very quick. ( Click here to view video (976 kb))

The Zorbing just whetted our appetite, we hadn't intend to do anything else but we couldn't resist and ended up doing a 3 man 'Swoop'. The Swoop is just a big swing but big enough get the old adrenaline flowing as you drop from the sky. Hilly went into hysterics and couldn't stop laughing and crying. Even when we watched the video back after the swing she started into fits of laughter and tears again. There are loads of other stuff to do at the Agodome, but unfortunately we had ran out of money so have decided to leave the rest for another day. All the excitement had got us pretty tired so Sarena drove us home in about an HOUR AND A HALF whilst I had a kip in the back.

We all woke up early and got dressed then headed off to a cafe to get some b'fast. Well I think we had the biggest b'fast ever produced in a cafe ever!! It was bloody huge and we all struggled to eat it, of course I finished mine but Hilly couldn't even get half way through hers, Toby nearly finished his but just couldn't fit the last few bits in his mouth. We then went to a Thermal village that had all the mud pools and Geysers which was very interesting and we spent a few hours walking around and also went to see a concert by the locals which was very good. They were performing the Haca and Maori songs and had great voices. The local people lived in this lovely little village and passed on the houses from generation to generation and lived amongst all the hot pools and steam which smells pretty bad. They still use the pools for cooking and bathing and the water can get up to 140degrees in some of the hot pools. The water is extremely soft because of the lanolin in the water so it is good for the skin but I don't know if I could bath in water that smelt so bad.

After we had our fill of smelly water we then went to go and have some fun with the Zorbing. Toby and I had wanted to have a go at this for ages so we were really looking forward to it, and 'it' was basically being in a huge plastic ball with a smaller ball inside for you to stand in and roll down a large hill. You could either do a dry run which meant you were strapped in, or a wet run which meant you had a couple of large tubs of water poured in and you were free standing. Hilly and I went together and were taken to the top of a hill and then told to dive into a very small hole into the Zorb, we then had water thrown in at us and they wobbled the ball so that we were sliding everywhere!! the man told us to try and run inside (like a hamster) for as long as possible down the hill but as soon as we were pushed we fell over straight away and proceeded to scream all the way down to the bottom. It was really good fun and were soaked but at least we hadn't elbowed each other in the face on the way down!!

It was then Toby's turn and he had opted for the wet roll as well, he didn't stand up for long and was soon tumbling down head over arse like the girls. He had a big grin on his face when he came out and seemed to have enjoyed the ride. After changing we went and had a look at the other stuff they had in the park. They had a huge free fall tower, which was a massive tower with a powerful jet fan in the middle, you basically jumped into the middle and floated on the air, just like jumping out of a plain. This was really expensive - $70 and the jet boating looked a little boring but the thing that did catch our eyes was the 'swooping' we hadn't planned on going on anything else but soon changed our minds after watching a couple screaming past us in the air on this contraption. We paid the dosh then the 3 of us got strapped in some bags, very similar to handgliding bags or sleeping bags. We were then all hoisted high into the air by a crane and told to join arms (seemed higher when your up there) the bloke then counted down from 4 and on the final count Toby had to pull the pin which kept us adjoined to the crane. This thing was like a giant swing so when dropped, we went into a huge free falling gut wrenching arc back into the air and then back down again but backwards, it was fantastic!!!!!!!!! the first few seconds was just how a bungy jump would feel so I cant wait to that now. We were swinging in the air for a few mins and then were caught and let out of the bags, we then went and got a drink to calm our nerves. ( Click here to view video (463 kb))

I then drove home as we were all knackered and dropped hilly off then went home had a bath then went to bed very early

Tuesday 29th October 2002 Katikati

Back to work. Felt very tired in the morning. Its amazing how a bit of excitement at the weekend drains you.

Down to the pool again for my morning swim but the water was very cold due to the pump failing in the night, but being the brave soldier I am I still did my bit. I then finished my library book and went to work.


Wednesday 30th October 2002 Katikati

Spend all day in front of a PC and then all evening. Very bad.

My Yoga morning which was a lot easier due to my back being better then didn't do a lot before going to work

Toby popped in to fix the Works computer again as it's still playing up

Thursday 31st October 2002 Katikati

Work again. I actually manage to get some programming done today!

Went for my morning swim then went down the library to change one of my library books as I had inadvertently picked a story about Jesus??? so that had to go! I now have a horror story to replace it...

Work again.

Once again Toby spent most of the evening on the Computer as he has done every evening since bringing the thing back from work. I really can't get my bonce around this?? why?? I just hope when it gets lighter in the evenings he will want to get out a bit more. This man a half machine half Sloath.



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