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'Bye Bye Betty'
Australia - JUN 2002
'Are we nearly their yet?'
Saturday 1st June 2002 Kununara

Driving today, So I drove first, drove and drove, Then after lunch Sarena drove and drove but she got to see a Dingo.

The driving wasn't too bad today as we are on a new route and it feels more like we are making progress.

We crossed the Quarantine controlled border into Western Australia by 4 and stopped at the nearest town by 3 (the clocks went back an hour and a half at the border), Kununara. Where we camped up for the night under a gaggle of shrieking bats.

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gggggg - all day, can't remember much apart from seeing a dingo and being in some kind of trance all day.

We ate all our fruit that we had in the cool box before heading over the boarder and the quarantine check into WA wahey little Betty is back home again!!! she has started to drive a little better today. Could be because she recognises the number plates on the other vehicles and is showing off....... Bless her.

Anyway we arrived at Kununara which is just over the border and came upon a little campsite to settle down for the night, the woman who was like a small Hitler showed Toby where we should park whilst telling me to follow and ' do not drive fast as this is a campsite' - minger!! spoke to me like I had never been in a campsite before.....Anyway I cooked dinner again after buying a few supplies from the local shop and settled down for the evening, after it had turned dark we were then visited by loads of huge bats making a racket in the tree above us much to our amusement. Early night once again ........Actually Toby went to bed at 7.00pm and I read my book - it's all late night parties and fun for us!!!

Sunday 2nd June 2002 Fitzroy Crossing

Got a lie in and still got up! Sarena drove most of the way in our desperate dash to get to Broome. The scenery here is pretty much the standard sparse Aussie bush. But as we drove through The Kimberleys and passed the Bungle Bungles we did drive through an interesting but that was all small cliffs scorched black by the relentless sun.

Sarena nearly died, yet again, after choking on some nuts! She seems to encounter the Grim Reaper on a regular basis lately. We arrived at a place called Fitzroy Crossing by early evening so camped up for the night. I actually ended up driving into a strange little caravan park surrounded by drunk abbos with no one willing to take any money for the campsite. Bonus, although judging by the size of the owners dogs I wouldn't be surprised if we are held to a ransom to leave in the morning.

Because of the clock going back an hour and a half we woke up extra early, had some b'fast then were on the road again. I drove for the first 4hrs until nearly lunch time before stopping for a quick lunch stop then Toby drove for the afternoon. Nothing eventful happened apart from me choking on a nut in the morning when I was driving and Toby just carried on dancing to Bob Marley in his seat, he didn't realise I was really choking until he saw that I was bright red desperately pointing to the water!!

We found a run down old campsite at about 4ish and parked up, didn't find anyone else to pay so we decided not to worry about it. A couple of vans turned up late in the evening and told us the pub (joined onto the campsite) was very rough and notorious for fights so we decided not to venture in there.......I cooked a wonderful vegetable chunky soup as we needed to eat some veggies again. Bet the van will smell great in the morning!

Monday 3rd June 2002 Broome

Well we managed to get away without being held up - and pretty early too! we only had 400km to cover today. Pretty easy, just 2 hours driving each and we where in Broome by 11. What a cool place back on the coast again, any Western Australian coast at that. The beaches in Australia are by far the best in WA. Beautiful, expansive and empty. Although Broome is a bit of a touristy town and the main beach. Cable Beach, did actually have a handful of people on it. Selfish bastards!

Anyway as we got an unexpected free night last night I thought I would spoil Sarena so booked us into a campsite. See the romance aint dead yet folks! It was actually a pretty nice campsite right over the dunes onto cable beach. Plus they had a pub opposite playing world cup soccer (sorry internationals look at this website) and selling Potato Wedges. Sarena was sold! (on the wedges not the soccer).

I took a quick swim in the warm Indian Ocean while Sarena checked out the cold campsite pool. Then we checked our emails, phoned a few people back home (Happy Birthday Shellbo) and took on some wedges at the pub. For a change there where actually other people at the bar. Not many Aussies though as they haven't yet acquired much of a liking to soccer yet. Once the Brazil game had finished (within 30 minutes of us being there) most the tourists left and we where left in the usual empty warehouse Aussie wateringhole. I scoffed the potato wedges and some satay beef, let Sarena beat me at a couple of games of pool and left the pub and returned to the campsite for another evening or stargazing.

Left at 6.30am which was quite good going, we slipped out without paying which was also good! Only on the road for 4hrs plus 30min stop for some b'fast, so were in Broome before lunch time giving us a chance to enjoy some of the day for a change. We had a quick drive around town first to see if we could find a garage for Betty but the only one we could find was shut so we carried on to look for a campsite. Broome is really pretty and has a really chilled out seaside atmosphere so we decided to park up near the beach and have a look. Wow, the beach just stretched on for an eternity whilst the blue of the Indian Ocean just dazzled us with it's beauty. I have never seen beaches as lovely or perfect as the ones in Oz, they really are just breathtaking..... I blabber on as usual.

We booked into a lovely campsite that had a fab pool ( god what a crap word 'fab' is.........) after a quick lunch of leftover stew and a good ole tuna roll, Toby headed off to the beach for a paddle whilst I went and did a few laps in the pool. After that we found a phone so we could call Shellbo and wish her a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' but ended up leaving a message on the phone - but Happy birthday me girl, still got a while to catch up with me though!! Checked our emails and found out that Clare and Beau are on the way home today! We thought it was the 6th and were going to phone them at Kathy's house that evening to say high, can't believe I missed them.

Toby and I then decided to try out the local pub for a drinky and some food, make a change not to have to cook out of the back of the van in the dark. Once again potato wedges were high on the list along with a Thai Curry for me and something just as tasty for Toby. The meal and drinks cost a fortune so felt pretty bad about that even though we deserved a bit of a treat, we then had a couple of games of pool which Toby let me win I'm sure. Headed back to Betty and did some reading and typing before hitting the bed.

Tuesday 4th June 2002 Dried up river bed!

Had a relaxed morning, well fairly relaxed. We popped into Broome town centre, Chinatown. And after Sarena had popped into a few tourist shops she could see that I wasn't interested in them at all. I can't see much point of going into shops if your not going to buy anything. Sarena could tell I was pretty nonplussed about the whole thing and suggested that we leave the town and go back to the beach.

On the way back to betty we did pass a travel agents and decided to check out their prices for flights from Perth to Sydney. To our surprise they where selling flights from Perth to Brisbane on the 19th of June for just 320 dollars (about 120 pounds). Bargain. That also means that we can visit Damien and Declan again briefly and a few other friends on the way down to Sydney. We booked there and then, although the price was so cheap as we couldn't change the dates at all. This means that we will have to make sure Betty is sold before the 19th.

We went back to Cable beach. I went for a quick swim whilst Sarena took some photographs. After a small bite for lunch we decided to hit the road again and headed towards the west coast. We got about 200km down the road and found a 24 hour rest area at the side of the road. It was infested with flies and mosquitos but fourtunatley an elderly couple invited us into their caravanette for a cup of tea and cheese and biscuits which gave us a much needed break from the pesky insects. Vic and Janet have driven all over Australia, several times, and they were very keen to give us a list of all the free camping spots between here and Perth as well as tell us about all their exploits around the world.

Where's my friend Clare then? Just can't have a good mooch around the local shops with a man can you! Toby just followed me around looking non plussed whilst I tried to look around the little Chinatown area in Broome which looked really nice. After seeing Toby's face though I suggested we just go back to the van and carry on to Perth mumbling all the way that I wished Clare was with me to enjoy a good mooch.......

We found a travel agent on the way back to Betty that had some really good deals on for flights to Brisbane which is where we have decided to fly to now instead of straight to Sydney. I convinced Toby we should grab the flight now which he wasn't happy doing as it meant we had a limited time to sale Betty but I'm sure we can sell her in time.

After that we headed down to Cable beach so I could take some photo's and Toby could have a quick swim then had some lunch and started on the road again. We stopped about 2hrs later in a roadside stop which had some toilets for a change ( hole in floor) and had some dinner before an older couple came over and started having a chat inviting us over for a cuppa later on. So off we trundled, and into their little campavan we entered for a good few hours whilst they told us of all the roadside stops we should use on the way to Perth. They gave us Cheese and biscuits and coffee telling us all about them and the travelling they had done, I was happy to be sat indoors for a change rather that outside being bitten to death.

Wednesday 5th June 2002 Another dried up river bed!

All we really want to do now is get to Perth and stop driving, but I feel quite guilty about rushing around the last part of Oz and not stopping to take in the area. But to be honest its all just bush land and only dirt tracks that lead to what I guess is the usual outstanding WA beaches.

But today was a day of pure driving, well for Sarena anyway. She started at 6 am and seemed to draw the animals to her like magnets. First of all the usual early morning suicidal Kangaroos and a few Cattle. Then a Dingo cub decided to chase us up the road. We where just starting to think how lucky we have been to drive so far around OZ and not create any road kill when Sarena whisps pass the nose of a Goanna lizard sitting in the middle of the road. Then straddles a huge Tiger Snake before finally hitting a unidentified colourful bird. That was enough for her and she at last relinquished the steering wheel and allowed me to drive the last 40 km of today's epic 800km journey to a camping spot by an old nearly dried up river. Stagg Chilli again tonight, mmmmmmm.

Woke up just as it was getting light so jumped in my clothes whilst cleaning my teeth and starting up the van. I then drove from 6.00am untill 4.00pm which I thought was bloody good going on my part!

Well I suppose it was apart from the poor animals I killed along the way or maimed for life....... I dodged all the Kangaroo's first thing in the morning as they dived for the front of the van for nothing else better to do. I was then chased along the road by a mad Dingo who ran out from the side of the verge and chased Betty for ages for some unknown reason? I carried on driving into the afternoon with only a short stop for some lunch ( tuna roll) when I happened across an Iguana sitting in the middle of the road which I mistook for a twig or log etc. I nearly took it's head off but manoeuvred Betty with skill and quick thinking and was thrilled when I realised I had missed it only to watch the car in the rear view mirror drive over it! A few hours later I was actually thinking to myself how darn lucky we have been at not hitting any animals in the whole time of being in Oz when all of a sudden I saw a huge snake in the middle of the road - my first snake I have actually seen in the wild in Oz, Oh dear I ran over it......... I didn't bloody mean to It all happened so quickly, I can't believe I ran over the very first bloody snake I saw. Toby said I didn't squash it and missed it with the wheels which made me feel a little better, I was nearly in tears as I hate killing anything unless it's a fly or mosquito and they don't count, sporn of the devil!

We stopped of at a roadhouse to get some fuel and for Toby to ring his Brother and wish him happy B'day - Happy birthday Oliver!! I took a photo of a massive spider sat near the van then headed off again to our resting place for the evening 25mins down the road. We had only got 5mins out of the roadhouse when a little fluffy pretty coloured birdie flew head first into the front of Betty, well that was it then! I pulled over crying and refused to drive anymore as I was so upset. Toby only drove for a bit before we found a little clearing where we could park up and have some Chilli - starting to hate the stuff now. I then had a little prayer for all the animals I had hurt or damaged that day - amen.

Thursday 6th June 2002 Coral Bay

We have a short days drive today to Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef, were hopefully I can try my hand at scuba diving. We got there at midday in perfect blue skies an instantly decided to stay in this paradise little town for a couple of days.

Unfortunately they don't run any introductory scuba dives, just full on PADI courses. So I decided to book myself on a trip tomorrow snorkelling with Whale Sharks! we then spent the afternoon snorkelling on the reef which comes right up to the beach. It was fantastic, the clearest water we have been in and loads of fish. Although it was a touch on the cold side, Sarena actually got back in the sea and she even dived under the water to swim with the fishies. Amazing!

Wow what a place Coral Bay is!! we drove in at about lunch time just got out of the van and walked onto the beach and what a bloody beach it is......

Clear white sand and the water was completely clear and beautiful with wonderful little colourful fish and white yachts. We booked ourselves into a campsite as that's all there was there really apart from a couple of shops and a fab bakery. We were lucky enough to get a sight next to the beach and then got changed into our bathers and hired out some snorkel gear, yes I was going to have a go with the fish. I was absolutely fine with all the little pretty ones that came up to your hand for a little touch and nosey but was a bit crap when a huge school of large silver fish came and swam all around us. I actually dived under with the snorkel in amongst the coral!! I am getting brave aren't I

Toby went and booked up to swim with Whale Sharks the next day, I wasn't brave enough for that as they are the biggest fish in the world - a picture of one on a poster showed someone swimming with it and the human looked like a little flea..... no thanks.

Spent the evening playing cards and having a beer from our Eski and getting very cold.

Friday 7th June 2002 Coral Bay

The Whale Shark tour was cancelled as their was not enough people wanting to do it. I'm not that surprised as they are massive scary looking things although it is a once in a lifetime experience so I was pretty disappointed. I decided to cheer myself up and booked a tour hour trip across the sand dunes on some Quad bikes.

Great Fun! The dunes where massive and the scenery spectacular. Sarena and I were in our element spinning across the sand. Much to our disappointment though we only had the bikes for a couple of hours so soon had to give them back.

After a quick shower I noticed a familiar bus drive past with the remnants of a church name painted on the sign. I instantly recognised it as belonging to two friends Mat and Sian that we had met in Tasmania. Cool! They had travelled the other way round OZ and we crossed paths again. This time though they had picked up a passenger, Rob. It was perfect timing too as the England Argentina game is on so we have some drinking partners in the pub... What a good game, apart from a few Aussies that where trying to start a fight and turning the television off it was a very enjoyable evening and chatted to loads of people until the early hours.

Poor old Toby was a bit upset because of not enough interest so he booked up an afternoon on some Quad bikes - fab

The morning was actually quite cold so we didn't go onto the beach but just mooched around until it was time to board out vehicles. Really had a good time in amongst the sand dunes, the only other girl in the group just couldn't get to grips with it at all and she got all upset and didn't want to drive anymore only 10mins into the drive, silly sod. I on the other hand had a stupid grin on my face for the whole 2 hrs and just wanted to go faster!

As we were just sitting around next to Betty Toby ran off chasing a van saying he recognised the drivers. It turned out to be Sian and Mathew and a lad called Rob whom they had picked up along the way, they and Toby, Clare and Beau met up in Tasmania whilst I was in England. They were really nice and we all got on great so we arranged to meet up and have a drink in the bar later on in the evening and watch the Football. Ended up having a bloody great time and meeting a lovely group of people one of them was called Ropey who had massive Dreadlocks down his back. Of course the evening was made even better when England won the footy and the bar erupted into huge celebrations, we ended up going back to someone's boat and having some more beer, got back to Betty at about 2am a little worse for wear.

Saturday 8th June 2002 Roadhouse

Tried to get an early start as we want to get to Perth by tomorrow. But didn't get away until 10 after saying our goodbyes to Mat, Sian and Rob. It was a bit of a long day of just driving and we ended up stopping at a service station at about 5 for our last night of camping with Betty (very sad). We phoned Beau and Clare who are now back in England and I phoned my friends Deon and Shelly and had a good ole chat, then we lit a fire and reminisced about our adventures in Betty.

We said our goodbyes to Sian, Mathew and Rob wishing them well on their journey and swapping some books before having some hugs and heading off to Perth at about10am. It took hours and hours to get nowhere on the map and ended up stopping in a free campsite at about 5ish after giving Clare and Beau a call which was really really nice to talk to them. They were finding it strange being at home but were having a good time visiting everyone, of course Clare and I were all gushy and talking Shminky - which is a special language only we can talk. We watched the sun turn the sky into a burning inferno with the most scarlet reds and oranges I have ever seen and then lit a fire and played some games before going to bed.

Sunday 9th June 2002 Fremantle

Left at day break as we have a long way to travel to get to Perth. Everything went really well and we made good distance by lunch time where we stopped for a quick break. Then another 80km down the road I stopped for some Petrol and Sarena realised that she had left her purse in the public toilets at our last stop. Oh dear I turned betty around and headed back. Luckily someone had handed the wallet into the garage opposite the toilet so Sarena was reunited with all her wallet stuffed with a single 20 dollar note!

After our 160km detour we where back on track and arrived in Perth by 5. I then gave a friend (to be!) BJ a ring to let him know that we would be arriving at his house in about half an hour. 'Cool Bananas' he said, 'Just take the house as you see it I will explain when you get here'. What could that mean! Anyway, it took us over an hour to find his house in Freemantle, but when we did everything became clear. He had just taken a job in Tasmania and was leaving on Tuesday, so he had friends around who where all adopting his huge range of tropical plants.

Sarena and I got an Indian take away and spent the evening talking to BJ and meeting a few of his friends that popped in during the course of the evening.

Woke up whilst it was still dark and packed up and hit the road we then drove for 11hrs..... it would have been less than that if not for me leaving my purse in some public toilets and not realising until an hour later, so we had to turn around and put 2hrs extra on our journey. God I was bloody relieved to find by purse handed in at the garage though thanks to a very kind couple handing it in, I was more upset thinking I had lost a Xmas card sent to me by brother many years ago that I always carry around with me. We arrived in Perth and found a phone box to call BJ who is a friend of Van's, he had given us BJ's number and said we should stay with him. We finally found his house and settled ourselves in nicely with him and some of his friends who were around clearing out his garden. It seems BJ was leaving on Tuesday to start a new job in Tasmania so was packing up everything, we said we would move on as we didn't want to get under his feet but he was more that happy to have us. Later on we went and got an Indian Takeaway and 2 bottles of red, the curry was blinkin lovely and we ended up chatting with BJ and his friend Rob until 2ish, drunk all the wine!

Monday 10th June 2002 Fremantle

We must sell Betty. We have to be in Sydney by the 1st of July for our flight to New Zealand and have planned to leave Perth by the 19th of June so we have 8 whole days to sell her. I got up early and designed some posters to stick up around the backpackers in town, then I went into Freemantle to find out about hiring a mobile phone which I can use as a contact number for Betty's sale during this week. Nobody knew anything about being able to hire phones and most people told me it was not possible but in the end I found out about a shop at the airport that offered this service. So I drove out to pick one up and left Sarena to go around the backpackers and post up our advert.

That evening we watched Spiderman and then went back to BJ's and monged out in front of the magical moving picture box.

Got up really early again and had a wonderful shower, something we both were desperate for, Toby designed a poster selling Betty then we headed off into Freemantle to use the Internet and for me to stick some of our posters up around the backpackers and I bought a Lonely Planet Guide to New Zealand. Toby went into Perth to hire out a mobile phone so that people could get in contact with us if interested in the van, when he came back we went and watched Spiderman at the cinema which was pretty cool then when and bought some food from Coles and went back to BJ's for our dinner and to write our diary.

Tuesday 11th June 2002 Fremantle

I got up dead early and sneaked out of the house with everyone else still asleep to take Betty down to the power wash to get all the nasty little squashed bugs off her. I then returned to BJ's had some breakfast and then Sarena and I said our goodbyes to BJ and Channel (the cat) and wished him luck with his new job in Tassie. We then headed into Freemantle and checked into a backpackers for the week.

I left Sarena to clean out the inside of Betty whilst I caught the train into Perth City to put some more posters up around the backpackers. I soon ran out of posters though and headed back to Freemantle to find a couple that where staying in our backpackers interested in Betty. Cool! I introduced them too her and they took her for a drive. Betty was the first van they had looked at and so wanted to see some more, but at least people seem interested. I also got a call from someone in Perth and arranged to meet them in the morning.

We all got up reasonably early and said all our goodbyes then packed up Betty took a photo of BJ and then headed into Freo to check into a really nice backpackers that we had got a double room in. I then spent all day cleaning and scrubbing old Betty, unloading all our stuff into our room which meant walking up the stairs 50times !! Later that evening a couple in the hostile wanted to have a look at her which was good news, then we spent the rest of the evening finishing off our box of red wine and getting to know the locals. I went to bed feeling yucky and then promptly was sick and had bad dioreah - Crikey I seem to be catching up with Toby and his jippy tummy!

Wednesday 12th June 2002 Fremantle

I headed into Perth in the morning, Sarena was feeling a bit ill so she stayed in bed. Danni who had phoned me was staying with 3 friends (Jo, Erika and Sera) in a cool little backpackers in Northbridge. They seemed pretty pleased with Betty which I think was due to her big thick queensized mattress, which the girls thought would be big enough to sleep all four of them! I thought about offering my services as a guide as I am sure we could fit me on the mattress too, but didn't offer as they might of thought me a bit of a letch and not want to buy Betty.

The good thing about the backpackers that the girls where staying at was that it had its own garage and they offered a service to mechanically check campervans. I agreed to let them check betty so waited around and took some more interested phone calls while she got checked.

The mechanic confirmed all my knowledge of the state of Betty but in particular the fact that the clutch was totally worn. So the girls made me a reduced offer based on the garage report. I decided to show Betty to some other people down the road who had phoned but where not interested and then took them up on their offer. Not bad considering we had done 30,000km (18,600 miles) in her in the last 6 months. It was then a mad rush to sort out the paper work and get to the transport office as the England Nigeria game was starting at 2:30 and I know had to catch a train back to Freo. I managed to get some goodbye photos of Betty and her new owners and then the girls dropped me off at the train station. ahhh how sad but still a big relief to know that Betty had been sold. I missed the first half an hour of the game but It didn't really matter as it was soooooo boring.

We then spent the rest of the evening chatting to all the other travellers at the backpackers.

Feeling wrotten this morning so Toby went into Perth on his own to show a couple of girls the van who seemed interested whilst I just sat around like a lazy bint watching videos and feeling quite poorly Toby came back much later in the day with good news - he had sold our Betty!! $800 dollars less than what we had bought her for but at least we had sold her. He said she had driven really badly all day as the clutch had gone so she was making terrible noises which is why he had to agree to the girls offer really. We had done lots of work on her already what with a new exhaust etc so I think we would have maybe got less for her if she hadn't had that done. The girls took her to a mechanic who worked from there hostel who luckily didn't look at all the rust underneath and at the side she was fine everywhere else and she had loads more K's left in her yet! Goodbye Betty and god speed......

We didn't do much in the evening just sat around and chatted with loads of people whom we have become friendly with then I went and rung my mum.

Thursday 13th June 2002 Fremantle

What did I do today, ohh yeah, walked around Freo, went to the postoffice, checked my emails, watched a few videos and thats about it. We had a cheapy dinner made at the backpackers and then sat around in the evening chatting.

Lazy day today, had a walk around the beach part and to see if we could find the boat repairs that Mark was working on - didn't find it. We have been ringing him all the time but not getting any answer and he hasn't called back so I don't know why? We did some washing and them sorted out some stuff to send over to NZ. I called Van and said hello asking his advise as to where to go as soon as we get to NZ, he suggested we stay with his friends so I wrote them a postcard telling them we were landing soon. We then had some tucker which was being cooked at the Backpackers for $5 each you could eat big plate of beef or vegetable stew and rice with free wine which we couldn't argue with!! Saved me cooking thankgoodness.

Had another evening sitting outside chatting and telling stupid jokes... Mums Nun joke went down a storm!!

Friday 14th June 2002 Fremantle

Another lazy day, we are just hanging around now until our flight to Brisbane on the 19th June. I popped back into Perth and dropped Betty's spare keys of with the girls and tried to sort out the cancelling of the Insurance and breakdown, hopefully there will be some cheques waiting for me at Sydney postoffice.

I went and had a beer with Evan and Travis from the backpackers and was invaded by the Australian National Rugby Union Team who are playing the Maori All blacks tomorrow in Perth. Evan who's a bit of a joker decided to argue with them about the proper shape of a ball, they seemed to of heard it all before. I then ended up back at the backpackers to the early hours chatting, well Sarena chatting and me putting in a few funny comments now and again. Then Travis wobbled in without Evan and crashed on the sofa.

Had a huge lay-in for a change then I went to the Postoffice to get a another big box and to do some food shopping whilst Toby went into Perth again to try and get some money back from the RAC which I don't think he will as we don' t have an address.

I then just pottered around the area and the hostile for the rest of the day and had some drinkies with Jenny, Evans wife who I really liked. We stayed up untill the early hours with all the girls talking about relatioship kind of stuff and Toby just looking daft......

Saturday 15th June 2002 Fremantle

I had a bit of Liquid website work to do for a client in France so spent the morning down at the Internet Cafe, then Sarena and I took a walk around the Freemantle markets where I bumped into Betty's four new owners. I spent the rest of the day catching up on these diaries and then we met up with everyone else from the backpackers and went to a pub to watch the England/Denmark game.

Three-Nill! Three-Nill! Inger-Land! Inger-Land! Good game hey, makes up for the atrocious Nigeria game. Needless to say we all got pretty drunk and didn't make it home to the early hours.

Toby spent a large part of the day doing some work for Liquid so myself and Evan sat down and watched the funniest movie I have ever seen called - Duce Bigilo. Can't remember the last time I laughed at a film that much, both Evan and I were crying and howling on the settee whilst people would just come in and give us strange looks then walk off again!

We met up with everyone at 7pm and trundled off to the pub to watch the England V Denmark, what a bloody game!!!!!!! the pub was in uproar and beer was flowing all nigh. Jenny and I sat next to a lovely lady called Julie who had moved out to OZ 17yrs previous and when she told us she was 42yrs old we just couldn't bloody believe it, she looked in her early thirties We had a fab time and after the footy the pub had a swing band playing live who turned out to be the same band who played at the open air cinema back at Xmas time when we saw 'Casablanka' very very good band. Everyone was doing the proper swing dance movements which was great to watch, but we soon moved onto another bar that had a live band. They were playing funk which got us all on the dance floor and got Toby doing all his extra special dance moves! Freemantle is such a good place to go out and we all ended up having such a good evening.

Sunday 16th June 2002 Fremantle

A mad mixed up crazy day today. We packed some boxes of stuff we want to send ahead of us to New Zealand. We then met up with Lorry and his friend Reana and went to watch an Auusie film, The Hard Word, which was pretty got although not too thrilling for a thriller.

Reana was very sweet and invited us around to her house for dinner for Tomorrow night.

Just wandered around for the day and did some packing, the stuff we need to send over to NZ. I phoned a lady called Clarity who is a friend of Van's and asked if we could stay with her for a while and also if we could send a couple of boxes over to her with some of our stuff. Still finding it hard asking a complete stranger if we could stay with then but Van said we had to take him up on his suggestion of staying with his friends so we are going to!

We then went out with Lorry and his friend Reana to the cinema and say 'The Hard Word' which was a really good film. Afterwards we just went and sat outside and had a chat before going to bed.

Monday 17th June 2002 Fremantle

In the morning was posted of our parcels to New Zealand then spent the day watching videos. We left for Reanas house in the evening but as we where walking there she gave Lorry a ring to explain that she had forgot to buy the meat for the dinner and asked if it would be OK to postpone the meal until tomorrow evening. We said it was OK and went for a Pizza instead.

Finally sent our stuff off to NZ and then just sat around and watched a few video's before heading off to Reana's house for dinner with Lorry. He unfortunately had a phone call whilst we were walking to her house saying she had forgotten the meat so dinner was off for the night. Because we were still hungry we went to a pizza restaurant and had the best damn pizza I have had in a long time, after eating half of the restaurant we went back to the backpackers.

Tuesday 18th June 2002 Fremantle

The weather was pretty miserable again. But I had just this one day to go and find Bon Scotts grave. Bon was the legendary lead singer of AC/DC and died in after choking on his own vomit after a gig in Southampton, UK. It was a good long walk to the cemetery in the rain but added to the pilgrimage feel to the occasion. I found Bon's memorial instantly and spent a while looking through the tributes people had left. Sadly his actual grave was relocated to a private plot a few years ago due to excessive vandalism by fans.

I returned, soaking, to the backpackers and started to pack for our flight tomorrow. We then decided to go to the Cinema after lunch and watched , Impostor, which was pretty good.

That evening we met up with Lorry and went over to his friends house for dinner. Reana and her two friends are from Norway and are studying at Perth University. Reana cooked us up a fabulous Potato based lasagne thing and we watched a couple of average videos.

Toby went off to find Bon Scotts grave whilst I did my own thing for most of the day which meant me walking around the town and mooching around the markets and small shops. Keep seeing really nice clothes and shoes which I would love to buy, I think I will have to learn to walk in high heels again though....

Poor old Tobes came back really wet so after he dried off we went to the cinema again to see, Impostor which I thought was really good.

Tobes myself and Lorry walked over to Reana's house for dinner but detoured on the way to get a couple of video's. It took about an hour in the end to get to her house which was really really beautiful, she rented with 2 of her mates and I fell in love with the place. They had a lovely step down in lounge with a big wooden steepled roof like a church, I could really live in a place like that.

We had a lovely dinner which was like shepherds pie crossed with lasagne then watched 2 films - Evolution and something else which I can't remember Had a really nice evening with fab food and company.

Wednesday 19th June 2002 Brisbane

Just a day of travelling today. A shuttle bus picked us up from the Pirates Backpackers at 9:45 and we got to the airport by 10:30. We had a few hours to spare before our flight so I sorted out the finance for entering New Zealand as we need to prove we have access to a specific amount of money. This kept the Thomas Cook staff busy for a good half an hour. Our flight was delayed by an hour due to bad weather so I was forced to read the girlie magazines that Sarena had bought. Great! Jennifer Aniston can have babies now! and Prince William's back looks just like Prince Charles's when he takes his shirt off. There was on good article though about the new US TV sensation, The Osbournes, which is a reality TV show watching the day to day live of Heavy Metaler Ozzy Osbourne and his family. It sounds hilarious.Any way the flight was good, thanks to Virgins policy of pretty stewardesses and we made up time and caught our connection flight from Sydney to Brisbane with no problems. We even arrived in Brisbane 20 minutes early and by the time I had phoned home for Gus's birthday and picked up a hire car we where at Damiens by 11 pm.

I got up early and went to Coles to get some food then came back and made some sandwiches for the journey as Virgin Blue charge money for everything.

The shuttle bus came and picked us up at 9.45am to take us to the airport. We go there quite early so after taking the mobile phone back to the phone desk we went up to the restaurant and had something to eat. We then went and sorted out some money for NZ which took ages before heading back to the waiting lounge where we read through tabloid mags. Toby got really excited because a new series was coming to the TV called the 'Osbornes' which is like the 'Big Brother' but watching Ozzy Osbourne and his family which looks bloody mad! Toby can't wait for it to hit the screen - saddo

The flight was an hour late which wasn't very good seeing as it was only the second day Virgin Blue had opened in Oz but all was forgiven when we had the safety shpeel because all the young blonde very pretty girls had to wave to everyone whilst there names were announce over the tannoy - how embarrassing is that!!! a few hours and a transfer later we were in Brisbane where we then picked up a hire car, Toyota Echo and headed off to Damo's house. The car felt like luxury compared to Betty what with power steering and some power even though it was a really extremely small car. Everyone was in bed when we arrived so we watched a little TV before hitting the hay.

Thursday 20th June 2002 Brisbane

had a bit of a lay-in, not because we where tired just that we have changed time zones again and are another 2 hours ahead. Damien finished work early so we left him to sort out his mortgage agreement for a house he is hoping to buy and headed to the cinema to watch (another) film, Minority Report. I booked some tickets in a gold class cinema that are fitted out with only 20 luxury seats. They where cool, fully reclining and you could pre-order alcohol and food to be delivered to you during the film. I ordered some Potato wedges and some chicken salad. The film was good too!!!

When returned to Damiens we met up with Ray whom we had met last time we where here and then caught up with Declan and Robyn. Sarena cooked a chilli whilst Damien talked to a Mortgage adviser and we soup-napped the rest of the delicious pumpkin soup that Robyn had made during the day.

Had a lovely day just relaxing then headed off to the cinema in town, we were going to the gold class screen which was blinking wonderful. In gold class you can order drinks (alcohol as well) and food to be delivered to you during the film so Toby ordered some bits whilst I got the popcorn then headed into the cinema - wow! it consisted of just 10pairs of love seats, the pairs were 2 large sofa seats which had foot rests and could lay back in with a little table in front Unbelievable it was just like being at home but much better, we saw Minority Report which was really good and 20mins into the film we had a huge chicken salad and potato wedges with dips delivered to our laps.

When we got back to Damo's house we caught up with Robyn and Declan and also Ray then I made a huge chilli and went to bed

Friday 21st June 2002 Brisbane

England v Brazil today. So we can't do much as we have to mentally prepare ourselves for the game. Damien hasn't got much work on today so he spent the day sorting out his mortgage. I did some more web site work for Liquid and then we went out to the pub to prepare for the big match! Damo sorted out his mortgage, reason enough to celebrate lets hope England do us proud too.

The taxi took ages to turn up so in the end we didn't get to PJ O'briens until 20 minutes before the game started. It was packed we had to fight just to get a small glimpse of the screen. The atmosphere was great though, but after the excellent first half we moved to a quieter pub where we could see the screens. Bad show! Brazil totally outclassed us in the second half and England did nothing to try and even the score. Damn! anyway we where pretty drunk by the end of the team and Sarena managed to offend a Brazil supporter, Damo wanted to cruise some more pubs to find a cute Irish girl he met the other night. He met lots of them but not not the one he was looking for so after getting himself stuck in a no win argument over racism we decided to head home for a neighbours BBQ.

The BBQ was not on so we visited Robyn. Chris thrashed me at Goldeneye on the Nintendo whilst Damien dressed himself up as a black David Beckham and annoyed the hell out of Declan (as usual).

Fantastic!! footy today and it's Brazil against England and we are all looking forward to see the game. I watched TV for most of the day then went for a little drive, for such a small car it's really fast and responsive. Toby did some work for Liquid for a few hours then got ourselves ready for going out for the night, Damo came home early ready for the big game.

Caught a taxi into town and found a pub which by this time was packed to busting point so we had to find a small gap to stand in and then watched the game. The pub was full of blokes singing and really getting into the whole thing so when the first English goal was shot the pub erupted and went bloody wild. I had a pint over my back and an elbow in the head whilst the girl next to me ended up in tears.......... complete mayhem!

After that we went to another pub to watch the rest of the game. We found a little place that was a but more subdued but with a lot less atmosphere where we watched the next half of a crap game. What made it worse was the |Oz bloke behind us kept cheering the Brazilians on and kept singing that England were crap. I turned around and called him a tosser and to shut the f***k up otherwise I would hit him... oops take the football thing very seriously!!

Anyway as we all know we lost and we were all gutted (we had met up with Damo's mates as well) The bloke who had been a wanker all through the game came over to kiss and make up and told us that his sister and mum were Brits and that the reason he was so happy was because he had a $1000 on Brazil winning - traitor. He went to shake my hand saying 'no hard feelings' and Toby said I should spit on my palm first but I was already shaking and missed my hand and got his instead!! oops he went bizerk saying I had spat on his hand, but I hadn't really I just pretended to do it! Anyway he went and told his mates then stormed out of the pub. I felt a bit bad so went and apologised to his friends but they thought the whole thing was hilarious and called him a tosser.

We then went onto a few more pubs and I met up with a really nice girl whom ended up in a heated discussion with Damo about racism which then carried on in the taxi all the way home between me and him then carried on again back at Robyns house which pissed Declan off so much he went home. He can't stand the way Damo thinks and gets really annoyed with him, I just thought it was funny and like a good old battle of wills. We had all drunk a lot of beer before so before long we were heading home to raid the cupboards and eat all the food we could find before going to bed.

Saturday 22nd June 2002 Brisbane

Damo had to go and get his potential new house inspected in the morning after which we joined him on a gas leak call out at a placeout of Brisbane called Deception Bay. We then decided to have a BBQ in the evening so got some food and stuff on the way back from the gas leak.

We ended up buying loads of food but only the 3 of us could make the BBQ as Declan and Robyn went out to a Moulin Rouge party and had to get all dressed up. Sarena, Damien and I spent the afternoon drinking and playing trivial pursuit. I phoned home as it was Dad's birthday, Damien also spoke to Dad and Gus in his slightly drunken state. It was very funny. Fortunately Dan the neighbour came round and helped us eat the mountain of food, then the plan was to watch the football but Damien collapsed in his bed by 7pm not to be seen again for the rest of the evening.

We went out with Damo to a call out about a gas leak which passed a few hours then stopped off to buy some food for a big BBQ we had planned for that evening. Well everyone was doing something in the evening so it was just going to be us 3 with tons of food between us, we had a game of Trivial Pursuit out in the garden whilst Toby and Damo drank copious amounts of whiskey and got very drunk. We called Clive (Toby's dad) at it was his bifday and wished him well before getting started on the BBQ luckily Dan came round which is Damo's neighbour to help us plough through all the food we had cooked. Damo collapsed into bed halfway through his meal not to be seen again until the morning! Declan and Robin had also popped around in the evening all dressed up to go to a Moulin Rouge party so both were dressed up in all the gear and looked fantastic so we took a few photographs and said our goodbyes.


Sunday 23rd June 2002 Nimbin

Said goodbye to Damien as he rushed of for work in the morning. We where meant to leave early too but I went back to bed as it was freezing. In the end we didn't get away until about 10.

We headed straight past the awful gold coast and ended up stopping at Byron Bay in New South Wales for lunch. I had been here before but Sarena hadn't, Its a beautiful place but as most places on the East Coast of OZ it is very touristy. We then headed inland through the beautiful NSW hills, which must be the best scenery in OZ, towards the fabled country village of Nimbin.

Nimbin has become a hangout place for old hippies and new pot heads. It is a quaint little village which has somehow managed to induce tolerance for drug use. Mainly just pot but obviously there is a problem here with harder drugs. We found a great place called Rainbow Retreat which was one of the original Hippie communes so we booked into a hut for the night and was supplied with a bag of grass by the owner...

...'Far out man, this pace is totally groovy man, trippy! These dudes have got it right. Love, peace and purple haze! Can you dig it, I can dig it, far out'... and then I fell asleep.

Goodbye to Damo today as he is off to work really early and we are leaving somewhen in the morning, about 10am in the end.

We stopped off at Byron Bay for a look around and have a picnic sat overlooking the beach which was really pretty, we then had look around the town before heading off to Nimbin The journey had to be the prettiest I have ever seen, the best countryside and views in the whole of Oz, reminded me of Wales but a lot greener. We arrived in Nimbin in the late afternoon and found a place called Rainbow Retreat the original hippy resort which was very relaxed and very friendly so we dumped our bags then went back into town for a look around. I found the whole place a bit strange - for people who don't know anything about Nimbin, it's a hippy town where all sorts of people are wandering around and 'Weed' is smoked openly so all the shops sell all the usual stuff like bongs and pipes etc. I found it quite strange especially when a guy came up to us as soon as we got out of the car and he asked us if we wanted to buy some weed then some kids came up and asked us the same........ the guys that hung around on the streets were all quite old and looked like they had been there forever with dreads hanging down to their bums and looking 20years older then they were. I'm all for making weed legal and all for hemp instead of burning tree's etc but these guys had obviously been doing this shit for years and didn't sound at all healthy - coughing and sounding wheezy because of the smoke so as far as I'm concerned it's all in moderation bla bla bla.

Anyway needless to say we bought a bag of weed from the owner of the Rainbow Retreat the smallest bag we could buy which was far too big for us, no way we could smoke all that before we go to NZ but we had a good shot at it that evening !!!!!! Anyway ended up sitting around the campfire with some very strange people, mainly an American couple in their 50s who were sucking on bongs and talking really odd whilst their 8yr old ran around the grounds. We got stoned and I was quite surprised at the fact that Toby didn't fall asleep straight away as is his usual trick but stayed up long enough to listen to a lovely girl from the UK play her guitar and sing. Needless to say we slept very very well ....

Monday 24th June 2002 Barrington

Had the munchies when I woke up so we went for big ole fry-up. Then we started our drive to meet up with Adele again at Barrington.

Barrington was a lot further away than I remembered. We made it halfway by lunch so stopped at Coffs Harbour for a bite to eat at the Marina. It wasn't until 6 pm when we arrived at Adeles. We we greeted with Lasagne, Chicken, Wine and a great big smile for Adele. Its great to see her again, unfortunately it was too dark to go down and watch the Platypus's. We met Frank again, and briefly met Eddie, then final Adele's gorgeous daughter Jessica who was very sweet and found our accents very amusing.

Give me food give me food give me food.....

Had a really big b'fast then headed off to our next stop, Adeles house in Barington. We stopped of at Coffs harbour for some lunch and I had a sweet potato and almond burger - yummy then drove on to Adeles which took bloody hours!

We arrived at 6ish to a wonderful meal of lasagne and chicken with a desert of Grama pie, bloody wonderful!! Adele is the lady whom Toby and Clare met when they were doing the big trek in Tasmania and I was in the UK, I had heard a lot about her and how lovely she is, so was really excited about finally meeting her. Adele had to be one of the most wonderful people you could ever wish to meet, ever! She had a wonderful house that was lived in a and really welcoming, something I would finally like to have if we ever settle down....... We also met her daughter, Jessica who was beautiful and very sweet and her son, Frank who was also very nice.We had a lovely evening talking and relaxing before hitting the hay.

Tuesday 25th June 2002 Sydney

Everyone in the house was up and off early but Sarena and I managed to get up to wave Adele and Jessica goodbye. We then went down to the river to try and spot some platypuses. It was pretty cold so Sarena borrowed some of Adele's colourful woollen scarfs and tops. The Platypuses where pretty shy this morning and we only caught a few glimpses. They where probably scared off by the huge herd of dairy cattle that where crossing the river.

After a quick shower we packed up and got back on the road to Sydney. We popped in to Adele's workplace to say goodbye and zoomed of down the road.

The drive into Sydney is fantastic, all rolling green valleys and waterways. The traffic in Sydney, aint so good. Sarena got pretty wound up by it all, but it wasn't actually that long until we arrived at Chuckies flat. Its great to see Chuckie again and we felt instantly at home in her flat although she is actually working at home all week we just hope we don't get in the way.

Curry for Tea and then we watched Germany beat South Korea.

Said goodbye to Jessica and Adele as they went off on their separate ways then we had some b'fast and headed off down to the river to see if we could find some platypuses. We had to wait for ages whilst all the cows walked past into their field then spent an hour sitting by the river looking for the platypuses which I never saw in the end but it was really nice sitting out in the countryside listening to the birds and watching the wildlife. We then loaded the car and said goodbye to the cat, puss who was rubbing himself up against the cows in the field for fun then headed off to Sydney.

Wonderful drive again apart from when I got closer to Sydney and the traffic got worse, I got more stressed and more uptight with the traffic and congestion. We went straight to Chuckies house who is another person I hadn't met before due to me being in the UK in April, but she was not hard to get on with infact she is bloody mad - WHERE'S YOUR PUPPY!! sorry it's just something she shouted out at the TV a lot.

She was working from home for the week so we didn't want to get in the way so spent a few hours driving around having a looksy

Thought of the day - I am really worried cause I think I have missed Clare's bifday and am feeling really very very shitty about it, I seem to be loosing touch with what day and what the date is all the time. So I need to stop for 5mins and find a phone and give her a ring to say sorry and try to relieve some of my guilt! I have no excuse but I seem to be making a habbit of this lately and would like to apologise to people if I have missed your bifday lately.

Had a wonderful curry in the evening and watched the football.

Wednesday 26th June 2002 Sydney

Chuckie should of been busy doing her business plan from home. But I don't think we helped and the morning was spent watching day time television. Sarena and I finally got some incentive and I booked up a climb over Sydney Harbour Bridge and then we drove over to Fox Studios to go and watch Scooby Doo.

Scooby Doo was pretty good, I was expecting it to be very bad but it was quite watchable even if it was just for the pot smoking innuendo's. After the film we wondered around the studio complex. They had a market their but even better was a kids farm where all the toddlers rushed around feeding ducks, bunnies, lambs, calves and other cute farm animals. Sarena loved it, it was probably the only part of the day that put a smile on her face.

We got back to Chuckies and then packed our stuff up as we are going to stay with Wendy (Chuckies sister) and Andy (Hayward from Whitchurch) for a few nights. It was great to see Andy and Wendy again, Andy was looking a lot better than last time we saw him and seems to be recovering well from his illness.

Had a lazy morning then went into town to watch Scooby Doo at the Fox Studio - the film was great and afterwards had a look around some shops but wish I hadn't cause ended up feeling a bit fed up. I have been feeling a bit low for the last week and can only put it down to having to wear the same bloody clothes all the time and not feeling feminine anymore but looking in the mirror and seeing a drab un-feminine scruffy person whilst surrounded by pretty girls looking lovely all the time. I could also do with settling down for a bit and having my own space instead of constantly being on the move all the time not knowing my arse from my elbow............

Anyway we wondered around the Fox Studio and found an animal pen in the middle of the grass play area, basically a little pen full of chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, dwarf and normal rabbits, baby goats and cows etc. It was for the little children to touch and feed but I elbowed my way pass the mothers and pushchairs to pay for entry then spent the next half an hour playing with the most delightful little balls of fluff. That cheered me up no end and I didn't want to leave but Toby dragged me out whilst emptying the baby guinea pigs out of my pockets and the baby rabbits from my day pack........We went back to Chuckies house and moved our stuff over to her sisters and husbands house, Wendy who is Ozy and Andy Hayward who was originally from Whitchurch, we just sat around and just chatted whilst Wendy worked on her lap top, this woman is cool as I found out she owns a Ducati 750

Thursday 27th June 2002 Sydney

Bridge Climbing day today. I had intended that we catch the ferry to the bridge but after getting up and doing some clothes washing we where too late for the ferry so had to drive like mad to the centre of town to park in probably the most expensive car park in town so that we could get to the bridge climb in time.

It took 3 hours to do the whole climb as the first hour is spent on getting kitted up and safety instructions. The views from the bridge where amazing and luckily for us it was crisp blue sky all day, albeit a bit chilly at the top of the bridge. After picking up our photos we raced to get some food and the car so that it wouldn't get too expensive. Then headed back to Andy's. We (Sarena) cooked some pasta for tea and then watched Training Day on video but I kept dozing off.

Had the best nights sleep probably since we have been travelling actually, which did me the world of good and felt a bit brighter today. We made our way into the main area of Sydney near the bridge to find somewhere to park and found a really expensive carpark which had valet parking something we didn't realise until a woman came running after us whilst we tried to find our own parking space!

We then went and found the meeting point for the bridge walk we had planned for the day and got ourselves dressed into some silly suits and put our safety harnesses on. We then had a little pep talk and practise on some steps........ yes they think we are all stupid. The whole thing took about 3 hours and we were lucky enough to have the most beautiful day, sunny with blue sky and crispy cold weather. The walk was wonderful and the views were absolutely fantastic, it was the perfect ending to our adventure in Oz. We had a nice evening watching a video and drinking some vino.

Friday 28th June 2002 Sydney

Wet and miserable day. We spent most of the time in Wendy and Andy's flat and updated and downloaded our web site.

Had another good nights sleep and woke up to a miserable day outside, windy wet and cold, so we decided to stay in and update the website then went out for some nosh in the evening

Saturday 29th June 2002 Sydney

It wasn't raining to day but it was pretty bloody cold, so we decided to take the ferry through the Harbour to circular quay which is in between the Opera House and Harbour bridge. What a great city! we visited the Opera house not for long though, just enough time for me to do a number two! Took a walk through the park and through town without either of us actually buying anything. Remarkable! Then caught the ferry back.

Watched the world cup semi-final at Andy's flat.

The weather was a lot better today so we decided to catch the ferry over to Circular Keys right next to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It was a lovely trip and gave us a chance to see Sydney from the water prospective, it has to be the most be the most beautiful city in the world. It is clean and even the water in the harbour is the brightest blue, something you don't get in Southampton Docks! They told us that sharks are starting to come back into the bay which is a really good sign because the amount of fish are starting to expand due to moving or pulling down the companies who were polluting the waters. Something that England should be looking into in think..... The Australians really seem to be much more aware of the problems with the environment and have so many schemes and project set up for just that. They are into recycling and planting etc and spend vast amounts of money on non pollutant materials and environmentally friendly building equipment etc. Something other countries should be catching up with - being a rich country like the UK, they have no excuse.

We also found out about Hemp today as well and it seems that hemp is made from the male marijuana plant and can also be used to make paper which would stop the vast amounts of forest being chopped down, it also is made into a material which obviously can be used for clothes but the most interesting one is that they can make petrol out of it!! But, the large petroleum companies and main material manufactures don't want this to happen so have gone on a huge vendetta against this happening........Also the government would loose millions if not billions and would certainly put greed above the environment.

Anyway won't bore you any longer with my rattling on but sometimes I get pissed off especially now when seeing all these wonderful places and knowing we are destroying it because of our ignorance and complete complacency of the issue, I know when I rattle onto my mum about these things she just gets annoyed with me and tells me to be quiet - like so many people ignorance is bliss....

Well we saw the Opera House and had a quick look inside before heading off into the shopping part of the City and a little look around. We then caught a ferry back into Rose Bay and back to the flat where we conked out in front of the electric heater trying to get some warmth into us and watch the football - well done Turkey, bloody fantastic game.

Sunday 30th June 2002 Sydney

Sarena had the phone number of a friend on the 'west side' of Sydney. So she phoned them up and invited ourselves over for a cup of tea. Malaina is the daughter of Sarena's Mums best friend! She has a great family and her husband Rob is into AC/DC so we ended up chatting for a lot longer than we planned. But in the end we had to get away and head back to Andy's as we have a German BBQ to go to which I must admit I feel a little uncomfortable about as I want Brazil to beat Germany tonight in the world cup final.

The BBQ was great far too much food although the sour crout seemed to go straight through me. The BBQ was at Coogee bay and after eating we headed to the Coogee Bay Hotel to watch the game (and the Budweiser promotion girls). It was a good game and Brazil one, Sorry Germany. We didn't hang around long as everyone seemed to need to get up early in the morning. We also had our plane to catch to New Zealand at 7. A new county - very exciting. We stayed the last night in Australia at Chuckies house.

We got up early and packed are bags again ready to take them over to Chuckies house as we were staying around her house for our final night.

We then went to visit a lovely family on the other side of town.... but I will explain who they are. My mum is bestest friends with a lovely lady called Christine back in the UK and Christine had a daughter now settled in Oz so when I was home in April Chrissy told me to call in on her daughter Malana and her family to say hello, so we did! I called her late morning and just told her who I was and if we could come over for a visit, so off we trundled t in the car over to their house for a really really nice afternoon. Malana is just like her mum in the fact she is warm open and honest and I liked her straight away, her partner, Rob is a smashing bloke and was really enthusiastic about everything especially the website which he said he will now look in on from time to time. I also met Daniel and Rachel who are both wonderful kids so I was quite disappointed when we had to leave as I wished we could have got to know them sooner.

Later on in the evening Toby, myself, Chuckie, Wendy and Andy all went over to one of their friends house for a BBQ before wandering down to the local to watch the World Cup - Germany V Brazil. Problem was the host of the BBQ, Jonothan was half German so I had to be careful not to cheer to loudly when Brazil scored! We had a wonderful evening and great ending to our stay in Australia but was made even more unforgettable when Chuckie was being beaten up by a 4ft cardboard cut-out of a gnome by Jonathan's 7yr old son......... very funny.

Monday 1st July 2002  

Up early and off to Sydney airport. As usual in OZ the road signs where hopeless but I just kept going south and we managed to get to the airport pretty easily. And then we where in the air...




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