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'Rack off bouncer'
Australia - DEC 2002
'Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy (Oi Oi Oi)'
Saturday 15th December 2001 Sydney

When planning our travels I had pre-booked some smart hotels in Australia to last us up until the 27th of December back in August. So no more hunting around for hostels for a few weeks. Hotel Crest is slap bang in the middle of the Red Light District (Kings Cross) in Sydney and as we stepped out on the street in search of some food it came as a bit of a shock to us after the last 3 months in sexually suppressed Asia.

Had the juiceiest steak in ages whilst watching the drunkest people in ages walking up and down the street of peep shows and prostitutes. Every one here is just hanging loose and having a good time!

Or Room TV was showing 'The Bill' and Jamie Oliver adverts. Just like home!

Well we caught a bus to our prebooked Hotel that thankfully dropped us off to the door, and very nice it was to. The room had a wonderful view of the Opera House and Sydney bridge which was fantastic!! we dumped our bags and went straight out to investigate our surroundings - well not what I was expecting, we were in the heart of the Red Light district -Kings Cross area and as soon as we stepped out of the Hotel Toby got accosted by half naked females and men asking him if he wanted to see one of the many live sex shows in one of the sex theatres that were next to the sex and fetish shops......mmmm lots of sex stuff around these parts.

There were also alot of drunk and drugged up people wondering around or just spaced out lying on the floor, something we hadn't seen since leaving England so it was a bit of a shock, it seems this area have a huge drug problem. We went out for dinner at a restaurant that was open 7 days a week 24hrs a day! had live music all night - something unheard of in England and we had the most wonderful steak ever.

Sunday 16th December 2001 Sydney

Overslept and missed breakfast. Sarena was quite annoyed by it so we had to go and get some retail therapy. Our Hotel has a great view of the city as they upgraded our room to one on the top floor.

We choose to walk into the city centre and made our way through the park land along by the harbour. The park was beautiful and led us right upto the opera house. The most amazing part was that the trees were full of massive fruit bats the flew from branch to branch squawking.

I was advised to get some new clothes for Christmas as all mine are ripped or immovably stained. To compensate the clothes shopping I decided to find a copy of Mario Kart for the Game boy! Found some clothes, but couldn't find Mario Kart. - Bugger!

After spending all day shopping we walked back to Kings Cross and spent the evening in the 'Buddha Bar'. Drinking cheap spirits...

Woke up late and missed the inclusive b'fast which was a bummer, when we did finally set out for the day we walked through a botanical garden that was full of huge fruit bats hanging from the trees!! there were a huge variety of birds everywhere and the noise of them was wonderful . We then walked to Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge for a good old gawp then walked around the shops to by some clothes which was great fun for me but Toby started getting quite grumpy until I persuaded him to buy some clothes for himself - good ploy on my part as it got him out of my hair but also put a smile on his face when he purchased a new pair of jeans. Thankgod, his other trousers were falling off him and were black with grime.

We went out in the evening both wearing our new attire and looking gorgeous and went to a dark and dingy bar for some cheap drinks.

Monday 17th December 2001 Sydney

...Cheap spirits are bad! but I still got up in time for breakfast, which made me feel loads better. Sarena may still of been in morning for her missed breakfast, a couple of days ago, so we went for some more retail therapy. This time she didn't buy much though and just got another haircut!!! and I found a copy of Mario Kart. - Yippeeee.

Being somewhat of an expert on fish (not). We visited Sydney Aquarium and although it is a little larger than the Sealife Centres that I am so familiar with and it has additional creatures like Crocodiles and Penguins. I was not too impressed and thought that the Sealife Centres have a much better atmosphere and layout*.

I am having a problem with Aussie food! Everything comes in huge portions and it seems very hard just to have a snack or light lunch. It looks as though all the weight I have lost over the last 3 months will pile back on. After the Aquarium we had a Magnum Ice cream and headed back to Kings Cross for a cheese burger and cheese platter. No will power!

*Spit, please contact me to discuss my australian sealife marketing posistion!

I went to Toni & Guys hairdressers today for a proper haircut and the young lady that cut was from England so we ended up having a good old goss. I really couldn't afford having my hair done in such an expensive hairdressers but my hair was in such a state again and was told that it had been cut all wonky. I had loads lopped off to straighten in out and was very pleased with the outcome so after that it was off down the shops again to look around. Toby was over the moon as he found a shop that sold Mario Kart so that cheered him up for the rest of the day!!

We then tootled off to Sydney Aquarium, Yep! something unheard of for me and my fear of fish but seeing as I had started eating fish (well a couple of prawns) I thought this would be a grand idea. The bloody things were huge!! just normal looking fish like your common goldfish was the size of a whale in the place......

They had a tanks you could walk through that contained sharks and massive stingray the size of a double bed - I actually found it fascinating and not scary, wow a breakthrough!!!!!!

Tuesday 18th December 2001 Sydney

Our last day in Sydney (for a while anyway) and where else could we go but... ...Bondi Beach. Even the clouds, that have covered the sky since we got here, cleared by midday making way for a sunny day on the beach. Bondi beach is a lot smaller than I had expected but the water and beach is very clean and there are plenty of surfers riding the waves. It made a great break from the red light district and I think helped Sarena who had received some bad news on the phone this morning.

As we returned to our hotel A thunder storm drew in, and Sarena got caught out in it whilst she was visiting another shop. Maybe a sign from above!

A night out in town. Visiting the popular bars as research for our next visit to Sydney in a few months time.

Phoned up a couple of my friends and mum and dad today, unfortunately my dad wasn't in so I left a message, he had been made redundant by his smelly arse no good company! so thought he might be feeling fed-up bless him. Then when I spoke to mum she told me her husband ( Del ) had been told he was terminally ill, I was really shocked and I didn't know what to say? I wanted to go home there and then to give her a big hug and see Del but knew mum wouldn't want that.

We later went to Bondi beach for an afternoon of sand and sunshine and a chance for Toby to spy on half naked ladies through my binoculars........

Had a wonderful lunch near the sea and then made our way back for our last night in Sydney - more alcohol...

Wednesday 19th December 2001 Melbourne

Things are so easy in Oz... As soon as we stepped outside or hotel a bus to the airport arrived. Because of the efficiency of the public transport systems we ended up having to wait at the airport for 2 and a half hours for our 1 hour flight to Melbourne. We arrived at Melbourne at 12:30pm where a bus picked us up and took us to our hotel (or as near as damit!) before we even had time to think.

The first day of Summer (apparently) and the sky was cloudless. Our hotel is in the city centre (in the red light district again!) so we spent the afternoon exploring... mainly bloody shops, but I ventured to a park that contained the house of James Cook's Parents, 'Cooks Cottage'.

Seeing we are in the home town of one of my gods, 'Angus Young', from AC/DC I decided that we should go and see some live bands. So got hold of a local paper and made our way to a dark and dingy place called, 'Punters Club'. This was apparently 'THE' place to go for live music. It was definitely Live but I would debate whether it was actually music. The first band, 'Bird Blobs', where quite original as there guitarist played different songs to the rest of the band so was completely out of tune and timing. The second band, 'Sleepy Township', where just crap with awful tunes. But the 3rd band from Scotland, 'Life Without Buildings', where actually quite good, although not Sarena's cup of tea.

Woke up early and had a lovely cooked b'fast before catching a bus straight to the Airport where we checked in 2 hrs before our flight, so we played Mario Karts on the Gameboy - it's fab! The flight only took an 1hr and 7mins then we were in Melbourne, we then caught another bus to the Hotel which once again was in the red light district!! only this was called Kings Street and not Kings Cross - I'm starting to worry about Toby's intentions.

Woopee went shopping much to Toby's disgust, I must stop doing this as I won't fit anything in my backpack but the clothes are fab in Oz and they just keep calling me - whats a girl to do? I think I might be broke very soon at this rate so have to control my urges..........So anyway I bought some more tops and a pair of jeans (god if only I could find some shoes....)

Toby found a newspaper that told us of some live bands playing that evening so we got on the tram and found ourselves in a seedy pub drinking wine from a tumbler waiting to hear 3 bands perform. And they were all a complete bag of shite, even the bloke sat next to me was embarrassed saying that Australian bands aren't usually so bad and that I should reserve my judgement. Toby thought the 3rd band who were from Scotland were quite good but then he has got some strange CD's in his collection.

Thursday 20th December 2001 Melbourne

Sarena had noticed that the street with the bands we went to see last night also had some good shops. So we went there. After a while may face of utter boredom convinced her that we should do something else rather than shop. So we went to the cinema and saw a film called '13 Ghosts' which was pretty bad.

That evening we went for a few drinks. To find that most people are having there office Christmas parties. We felt a bit out of place as it just doesn't seem like Christmas at all to us. We walked around town looking for somewhere inviting but just ended up with a hot-dog and some juice from 7 eleven and went to bed.

Went back to the same street as the night before as it looked really interesting, full of groovy looking restaurants and retro clothes shops but after an hour of looking around we both got bored and decided to go to the cinema. We went and saw 13 ghost - my god I think my fluffy slippers were more scary than that!! big pants.

Later on we went to a local (rough) pub for a lager and watched the usual drunken going's on that you get at a Xmas party - boss in suit dribbling over the young secretaries kind of thing. After that we went for a long walk over the other side of the river to have a look around the huge 'Crown' complex that contained the usual Squillion shops and restaurants with a casino and large fountains. Dinner that evening was a some snacks from 7 eleven.

Friday 21th December 2001 Melbourne

Its cloudy again. But we caught a tram to St Kilda beach where the wind made it pretty cold. After some lunch we attempted to relax on the beach and read. But it was too windy so Sarena caught a tram back into town as I decided to walk back via Melbourne's parks.

The city seems to be surrounded by parks. The first one I walked through was Albert Park, home to the Australian Grand Prix and is covered in cricket grounds and office Christmas BBQ parties. I walked through solemnly hoping to get invited to one, but to no avail. The other parks where also full of office Christmas party BBQ's and some interesting sights like a massive war memorial and statues e.t.c. I watched all the drunken party goers supping on their stubbies and playing volleyball with the Christmas hats on, it was quite entertaining but still didn't put me in the Christmas mood.

I am determined to see some decent live music. So we went a a pub called, 'Pony' as they had 3 bands playing (Bergerac, Moondriven and Bluebottle Kiss) . They were great and we stayed there to 1 am watching them.

Both waking up late since getting to Oz so we are not setting out till lunch time and today we decided to spend the afternoon at the local beach for some sun. Problem was when we got there the sun had gone and it was quite chilly so after we had eaten a lovely (expensive) meal, I wanted to go back to put something warm on.

I caught the tram back and got changed then went for a wonder amongst all the shops again - just in case something caught my eye!!

We both have come to the conclusion we are a bit bored and need to do some more exciting things if not more physical that just eating and shopping. So as soon as Xmas is over we are getting back into the swing of things like we had been before Goa and doing some more treks etc. We would really like to get a camper van and just find our way a round rather then go to the big cities, that way we can see the real Australia and do some wacky things - maybe we should go skydiving next!!! mum's gonna start freaking......

Went out to listen to some live bands again and i was really impressed with all 3 of them. We got chatting to an Ozy guy who was really friendly and sat with us untill the end of the evening listening to the fab music - rockin roll!!

Saturday 22st December 2001 Melbourne

Feel a bit aimless at the moment as we seem to be just waiting for our flight to see our friends in Perth for Christmas. I didn't bother getting up until 11 am, then we just walked through town and some of the parks again, took a lift up to the top of the tallest building in Melbourne for an amazing view and did some laundry and had a Chinese for dinner. I can't wait until we start doing some adventuring again away from the cities. Roll on Christmas...

Checked our emails to see what's happening with the outside world, and had an email from my mum telling me that Del (stepfather) is in good spirits and will be operated on very soon which is good news. Also had an email from Del saying he was well and mum's looking after him which was nice.

We then did a million mile walk around a Botanical garden and a trip to the top of the Rialto building for a birds eye look of the city - wow really cool.

Went out for Chinese food in the evening even though Toby said he couldn't eat Chinese food again, but managed to eat a whole duck - funny that.

Sunday 23nd December 2001 Fremantle

For once our flight wasn't first thing in the morning. So we hung around Melbourne in the morning to check our emails then after lunch realised that we where getting late for our flight. Managed to catch a bus that was just leaving to arrive at the airport to find our flight didn't exist anymore! We had been rescheduled onto an earlier flight that, fortunately had been delayed so we could still catch it. We arrived in Perth at around 6 pm to find that it is even more laid back than Melbourne. We where hoping to catch a shuttle bus to our hotel in Fremantle just south of Perth. But after phoning the bus company found that driver didn't bother to wait for the aeroplane to arrive and may not bother coming back! So we caught a standard bus driven by a very friendly scouser who dropped us off at the nearest train station so we could get to Fremantle.

As the train drew into Fremantle station the sun sunk into the Indian Ocean. Beau met us in the Hotel and he and Clare surprised us by putting a bottle of the sparkly stuff in our very posh room. We hung around the Hotel bar waiting for Clare to finish her last day at work, then hung around the bar some more and caught up on all things everyone had been up to over the last few months. Beau and Clare have been in Australia since September after their wedding in October.

Woke up early and had a walk around the City then got to the Airport about 3ish for our flight to Perth at last to meet Beau and Clare !! the flight was very boring and we couldn't see the TV screens to watch the film so I was moaning about why they would have screens if you couldn't see them? We landed at about 6.00 in the evening and then didn't know how to get to Fremantle as the shuttle bus wasn't running so we went and asked the nearest bus driver who said he would take us and would only cost a fifth of the price. He was originally from Liverpool and hadn't gone back to England in 30 years but still had a slight accent mixed in with the Aussie and could talk the hind legs off a donkey. . We were dropped at the train station where we then caught a train to Perth, a train to Fremantle - then a taxi to the Hotel. When we eventually walked into the Hotel Lobby Beau came running up to us and tapped me on the shoulder - It was soo lovely to see him again and we gave each other a big hug and kiss, he looked really brown and healthy. We then checked in and the receptionist gave us a huge bundle of Christmas cards and told us we had quite a few packages and would we like them delivered to our room!! the 3 of us went off to find our suite and when we entered we found a bottle of Champaign on ice with 2 glasses waiting for us with a note from Beau and Claire saying how pleased they were to see us. How lovely was that!! we were both in the middle of thanking him when there was a knock on the door and the porter had a huge trolley packed with parcels for us from family and friends and a message wishing us a Happy Christmas from the family....couldn't believe the amount of parcels we had, they stood as high as me......

It was all so much that both Toby and I got quite emotional what with the Champaign and the presents from people. The 3 of us hung around the hotel waiting for Claire to finish her shift at the Hospital in Perth where she then caught a train into Freemantle. We had a few drinks and caught up with all the gossip and then walked down to the station to meet Claire off the train,.Unfortunately Beau got lost and we were late so Claire was walking down the street when we found her! I started shouting and running but she didn't have her glasses on and couldn't see us until we were right on top of each other... but we had huge hugs and kisses and was very emotional we then went back to the hotel to crack open the bottle of Champaign - hoorah. So glad to finally catch up with them both.

Found out that Vicky is 6 months pregnant today!! she and her husband are one of the couple we are spending Xmas with. Fantastic news

Monday 24rd December 2001 Fremantle

Just spent the day hanging around Fremantle and the Hotel most of the day whilst Beau and Clare went shopping.

Our Friends Steve and Emma where arriving today so Beau and Clare borrowed a car to pick them up at the airport. Whilst we stayed in with a bottle of wine and watched the movie, Shrek.- Unfortunatley Beau and Clare got lost on the way to the airport, so Steve and Emma found their own way to the Hotel, We all stayed up late drinking in our room and getting told off by the Duty manager for being too loud. - Rock 'n Roll!!!

We both slept like logs and arose to another hot glorious day and to have a good look around the hotel etc. Our room was fab and had a brilliant mini bar and fridge full of goodies (even headache tablets) chocolate and food and yummy scrummy stuff all at a very ridiculous price so it was a case of look but don't touch!! Our room opened up onto a balcony on the ground floor right next to the pool which was really pretty but the best thing was the spa in our bathroom!! had a plenty of those in our short stay.

Beau and Claire went out shopping for the day to get presents and food etc for our BBQ on Xmas day whilst we mooched around by the pool soaking in some rays (with our factor 30 on!). Emma and Steve were arriving that evening and Claire and Beau went off to meet them at the airport whilst Toby and I booked a film on the TV in our room - we watched Shrek and both found it absolutely hilarious helped along by the alcohol we were consuming as well. We then went down to reception both feeling quite pickled at about 11.30pm thinking that all 4 of them would be walking in the Hotel by now but only found Emma and Steve stood by the reception desk. They hadn't seen the other two so waited an hour and then caught a taxi - OOPS. I then had phone call come through to me from Claire saying they had got lost!! We all had a good laugh about it later when we gathered in our room for a drink - we were even told to keep the noise down by the duty manager which was bloody fab!

Tuesday 25th December 2001 Fremantle

Christmas day! Got a wake up call from Mum and Dad, then had a huge breakfast, we had to eat as much as we could as the Hotel was charging 34 dollars each!

How many presents!!! The concierge had delivered several huge parcels of Christmas presents to our room that had been sent to the hotel by friends and family. There where loads! - infact the stacked up as high as Sarena. Everyone looked a bit bored as they sat around waiting for us to unwarp all the presents. THANKS to everyone who sent us stuff. We got all sorts of great and useful stuff, including some very useful Christmas novelties, which finally put us into the Christmas spirit. Thanks for the Santa hats, Mum, they made very good sun guards/life bouys when we bathed in the sea.

We went to the beach for Christmas day where we met up with Vicky and Jon who have been living in Perth for the last 10 months. Vicky is now about 6 months pregnant but looks great - as you can see from the nudey photo I got of her on the beach!!! Christmas dinner was a BBQ at Vicky and Jon's flat, complete with mince pies and sparklers.

Happy Christmas!!

The sun is shining and we were really excited about opening our pressies but fist we all bundled down to have some b'fast and were all aghast at having to pay $34 each so spent the next hour eating as much as we could and then stuffing tons of fruit in our pockets for later in the day. We then all went back to our room to open all our pressies which was really nice even though Beau kept telling us to hurry up and open them cause he was jealous he didn't have any and stating it wasn't fair! poor old Beau...... After we had opened all our boxes and taken some photo's we took ourselves off to meet Vicky and and Jon who were friends that had lived in Oz for nearly a year already. Off we all went down to the beach for a few hours which felt very peculiar - not like Xmas day at all. We then went back to Vicky's and Jon's house for a BBQ and some drinkies with some other friends that came round to join in - few hours later we all lit sparklers and then went home to sleep off the alcohol.

I phoned up mum and wished her a happy Xmas but she sounded awful - seems she's got pharyngitus and didn't feel very well , poor mum she was also worried about Del as he had gone down for his operation at midday and was still in theatre at 9.00pm - and my brother had been rushed into Hostpital as they thought he was having a heart problem - turned out to be a bad stomach bug - not such a good Xmas for them . I also phoned my dad and wished him and his lot a very happy Xmas.

Wednesday 26th December 2001 Fremantle

Today was Shaving day!. Beau lent me his beard trimmer which did a stirling job at removing my hairy bits! I had grown quite attached to my beard and looked very different once it was gone.

The rest of the day was spent fafing as we tried to hire a car then cycles but every thing was sold out or closed. In the end we caught a train to the centre of Perth then did some more fafing as we tried to get a ride to Kings Park where they have an outdoor cinema. The Taxi drivers are crap in Perth and don't know where anything is but we finally made it to Kings Park and took a walk to the Cinema.

A 50's Rock n Roll band played at the outdoor cinema whilst everyone arrived. Jon and Vicky met up with us as well as loads of other people we met at the Christmas BBQ yesterday. The Boxing day film was, Casablanca, which surprisingly hardly anyone had seen, I quite enjoyed it, but never heard the famous line, ' Play it again Sam'. We caught some crap taxi's back to the Hotel after the film. The girls took twice as long and where charged twice as much as us. Our last night in a Posh Hotel :-(

Toby woke early and went in the bathroom to shave his beard at last! he did it in stages and kept running into the bedroom to show me what he looked like as you will see from the photo's he looked either gay or like one of the 3 musketeers!

We went and checked out the local Backpacker to see if we could all stay in the there for the next evening but were told to go and try another local one that was a lot bigger. We also had a look on the bulletin board for a camper van and found a few that we were interested in so took down the numbers to call them later. I was really looking forward to the evening as we were all going down to the outside cinema to watch Casablanca - fanbloodytastic so we went down the park for a walk around then bought some tickets and got ourselves seated on the floor with our complimentary beer and waited for Vicky and Jon and the rest of there friends. Everyone started coming in and settling down with there baskets of food and blankets with wine etc. it was really very nice and we soon had our blanket and food laid on the floor ( with swarms of fly's ) in the end there were about 16 if us all with bean bags, duvets and pillows surrounded with other people enjoying themselves. They had a Jazz band playing first who were really very good and then when it was dark everyone got themselves comfortable and watched the film. I have never been to an outside movie before and it was absolutely brilliant can't wait to go to another one. We went home by taxi that evening, girls in one car and boys in the other and couldn't believe that the boys got back to the hotel 20mins before us and they were charg

Thursday 27th December 2001 Fremantle

We plan to go down south to Margaret River, a major surf and wine making area of Western Australia, but no one has any cars to rent. So we agreed that the others visited an island called Rottness whilst Sarena and I tried to sort out accommodation and transport.

I soon gave up on trying to find a hire car after phoning practically every hire place in Western Australia and turned my sites to looking at Second hand Camper vans to buy. This seemed a lot easier as the local Backpackers where full of notices for camper vans for sale and I soon found one that was clean and tidy and fully kitted out with camping gear. It belonged to two English girls who had named it 'Betty' and filled it with Pink Fluff and Abba Pictures. Whilst waiting for the others to return before deciding to buy the camper I organised some coach tickets for tomorrow to Margaret River for the 8 of us as a friend of Steve's had found some Accommodation for us in a place called Busselton. We also booked a dorm room in a local backpackers for the night and waited for the others to return from their day on the beach.

Convinced Beau that the Camper Van was worth seeing and arranged to see it first thing in the morning before we left for Busselton. The Backpackers was really cool, it had only just opened so was very clean and organised. I felt much more comfortable here than at the Esplanade Hotel.

We checked out and left our bags in the hotel for the day whilst the other 4 went to Rottnes Island for a look around and we sorted out accommodation for all of us and buying a camper van. Had a good day, we caught a train to Vicky's house so that we could use her phone to find out about the vans, we went and had a look at one of them called Betty - we fell in love with her and thought she was fab, the only thing was they had a double bed built into the back and took up quite alot of room. We thought we should wait for the other two to view it before we made a decision and arranged to see it again the next morning. Toby sorted out getting us all transport down to Margaret river for the following day as Claire said it was a really nice place to visit. We had also booked us all in a fantastic backpackers place called 'Sundancers' which used to be a massive pub and the old bar was now the reception area - they had a massive open plan kitchen with lots of seperate kitchens within it and they supplied all cooking equipment and utensils for absolutely anything you wanted to cook. They had different fridges and freezers and supplied free food to help yourself, washing facilities, spa, and had huge boxes for you to keep your food in - never seen anything like it before, it had just opened and I think was going to be very popular! I went down to meet the guys at the hotel in the evening and collected our bags and went down to the Hostel. We checked in and then went out to get some dinner in the evening.

Friday 28th December 2001 Busselton

Beau liked the Camper Van - except the pink fluffy dashboard, so we decided to buy it there and then. Steve and I drove it down to Busselton whilst the others caught the coach. We ended up arriving there 2 hours before the others which gave us time to find out that they had double booked our accommodation and had to upgrade us free of charge to an executive villa and give us a free bottle of wine. - Bummer. We then went shopping for food for a Chilli which we decided the girls would cook for us, without consulting them.

We picked the 4 from the coach up from the Bus Stop and surprised them with the villa. Sarena was very willing to cook the chilli. So we went to the pool and spa while cooked. The food was great. It had been a long time since I have tasted Sarena's great cooking.

Well Beau went and had a look at the van and we all decided to purchase it there and then and paid a really good price. Toby and Steve decided to drive it down to Busselton whilst the rest of us caught the coach down The boys met us at the bus station with a van full of food and wine, they said that the villa we were staying in wasn't as nice as we had hoped.

Lying buggers! we got to the villa and walked in to find the biggest and most luxurious place you could imagine, it was huge and had 3 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining room and garden with BBQ.. Seems they had upgraded us for one night so we unloaded the van and settled down for the evening, I make a huge chilli for everyone which I really enjoyed as it was the first time I had been in the kitchen since leaving home and I was really enjoying pottering around without anyone else around, the rest of them went down to the pool and Jacuzzi. We sat round the table later with some wine and had a lovely dinner then watched some TV and went to bed.

Saturday 29th December 2001 Busselton

The downside to our upgrade to the executive villa was that we had to move to our original accommodation in the morning. The move wasn't to bad as the resort staff moved it all for us whilst we all went out on a day trip in Betty.

The first stop was the Jewel Caves. This was an hour tour of a massive cave with , Barry, the most laid back tour guide ever! Steve dared to ask him how old the stalactites where... ' Dunno mate, take a guess' was the reply. Needless to say everyone was in a fit of giggles for the rest of the tour.

We then went down to Cape Leuwin right on the south west corner of Australia and where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean. The problem with Australia is that you spend most of the day driving to the places you want to see. So after some Fish and Chips we headed back to the resort to find our new accommodation was just as good as the previous nights villa.

We had loads of food left over form the previous nights meal, not surprising if you have experienced Sarena's cooking!!! and Steve's mate, Aussie Pete, paid a visit and joined us for a few beers and Chilli and Jacket potatoes. It was quite an amusing night as everyone seemed to come out with 'Blonde Comments'... Sarena was worried about sausages!!!

All got up quite early to pack our bags ready to move to another villa then drove to Augusta and Cape Leuwn for a look around - we first went to Jewel Cave for a look around and ended up in histerics as the guide was so laid back he was practicaly on his back - we were like a bunch of 2 year old gigglig in the back row!! we then went to Cape Leuwin where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern and was really very spectacular. Claire and i went down to sit on some rocks near the water after spotting some large crabs that were scuttling around but nearly got drenched by a huge wave! . I then drove the van back to our new villla which was just as nice.

Quote of the day from Beau whilst talking about TV was - The thing with adverts is that they are always advertising things.......

Aussie Pete came round for the evening and we all ate left over chilli and loads of cheese then sat outside and got stoned - that's when i started rambling on about how worried i was with the destruction of the planet and how the sausages weren't going to live for another day..... ended up with everyone going to bed whilst Claire and I ended up in histerics for another hour.

Claire's comment of the day - 'How many Yaks to the pound then?'

Sunday 30th December 2001 Busselton

Clare booked us on a wine tour, So we drove down to Margaret River town and where met by Brad who bundled us in a Minibus and took us to the first winery of the day.

The fly's here are terrible. Brad said it was the worst he had seen them. They just wouldn't leave us alone. We got a lesson in different wines then tried a few. No one bothered with the spittoon though. For lunch we where fed 'Bush Tucker'... Kangaroo, Emu, Venison, Berries and Grub Patty. It was all really nice but not very filling. The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting 4 more wineries , a cheese factory and a chocolate factory. Some people were pretty drunk by the end of it. No way to behave.

We decided to stay an extra night so had to move again. Beau got out a couple of videos and we had a BBQ.

Today we went into Margaret River town centre and caught a mini bus to take us on a wine tour that Claire had arranged. We had a fab day apart from the hoards of flies that swarmed us as soon as we got of the bus - bloody awful. The first place we visited, they gave us a lunch of Bush Tucker so we could taste some Kangaroo (which was yummy) and the local flowers and berries and even grub paste!! the rest of the day was spent drinking different wines and then going to a chocolate and cheese factories for lots of testers - mmmmmmmm

By the end of the day us girls were quite drunk and feeling great whilst the blokes were getting fed up with us giggling like a bunch of two year olds.....

We moved into another villa again! as we had decided to stay for an extra evening so Beau hired out a couple of vidio's and we stayed up till the early hours watching them.

Monday 31th December 2001 Fremantle

I had a go at cooking a fried breakfast fro everyone. But forgot the mushrooms and bread. The we packed up went for a walk along Australia's longest pier (2km) in Busselton and headed back to Fremantle for a New years eve party.

Emma and Clare drove Betty back while the rest of us caught the coach. We checked back into the Sundancers backpackers in Fremantle, went for some food and then caught the train to mosman park where we had kind of been invited to a news year eve party.

We didn't actually know where the party was but after an hour of wondering round and supping on our beer we found the house and started the celebrations. A couple of guys played there guitars and played some songs that everyone got into and we proceeded to get very drunk. The faithful vodka helped considerably. Steve seemed particular affected by it all.

Mmmmm - had one of Toby's famous fried b'fasts which was bloody wonderful then caught the coach back to Fremantle whilst Claire and Emma drove the van back. We all went out to a Party to celebrate New Years Eve - problem was that Claire had the address but no directions, so when we got off the train we had no idea how to find the place so it took us an hour or more walking around all these streets trying to find it!! when we did finally arrive we were all knackered but ended up having a fantastic evening. Colin (a friend of Vicky and Jon's) stood up and sang with his friend for the evening which was really cool. We ended up getting drunk whilst Emma went home early as she was tired. Steve was very drunk and on the way home we encountered a garden sprinkler so Claire and I bundled Steve ontop and we all ended up getting very very wet but laughed all the way back to the backpackers place.



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